Axel Felix

There are many things that I love and admire about China. But for me the most important reason is that China is one of the few nations in Asia that was able to transform itself for the better. China is one of the few countries in Asia that can, did and will continue to transform itself.

It had transformations like land reform, end of warlordism, end of backward costumes, radical change in the economic system, population control, order in society and so on. Not many nations have this ability. In some countries things are the same as they were hundreds of years ago with minor differences. What makes China unique is the scale of the transformation.

When we look at some other countries in Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India), let’s forget about transformation, they have not been able to reform themselves. Worse than that it seems like they have big fetish for everything traditional.






Richard Kenneth Eng

Maybe you love China’s great 5,000-year history. It’s been very rich and interesting. China has achieved many wonderful things throughout its history.

Maybe you love China’s culture. It has many beautiful elements, as well as awful ones. Maybe you love China’s cuisines (there are many different ones, and they’re all diverse and fascinating). Maybe you love the language, which can be very lyrical and beautiful.

Maybe you love China’s magnificent achievements in modern times. In a span of less than four decades, China has climbed out of poverty to become the largest economy in the world (by PPP GDP), or the second largest by nominal GDP. Even by nominal GDP, China is expected to become the largest within the next decade.

In less than 40 years, China grew her economy sixteen-fold!!! That’s mind-boggling, even by American standards.

In less than 40 years, China elevated nearly a billion people out of poverty and into the middle class, the greatest economic achievement in human history!







Jean-Marie Valheur

I don’t know why you love China. Only you can answer that question. It could be the food. It could be the people. It could be the nature in certain areas, or the weather. It could be a million different things, and only you know. But I am glad you like another country and I hope you have fun in it. Me, I hate no country in this world. And I love pretty much all of them, although I do not always agree with the politics of every country. As for China… I’ve always wanted to visit the Forbidden City. Maybe some day!

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Donal Kirk

Lifestyle in China is good clean, safe and fast. As s Westerner who has lived in Beijing 20 years, always been treated respectfully and made very welcome but you must obey their laws, they apply them.



Allen Allington

Lotta of reasons to love China..

If every American could go visit China for a few weeks we would return to fire all of our propaganda producing politicians, preachers and many of our journalists.

Then rewrite many of our book to correct them.





Bing Bling

I only started to notice that I love China so much when I come to UK to study for some years. Life in China is much better than UK and I’ve no idea where is the proud that British have that they think UK is much better than China, every time when I go back to China I just feel like a countryside person going to downtown, but I got a bf in UK and he is from a poor country, he told me he worked so hard to come to UK so he wants his kids to be British, for me I’m so mad about that because China is much stronger than UK so why can’t my kid are Chinese??? will see how thing goes and decide later



Mark Lai

I love China because of its people as many of them are gentle, kind and adorable especially the kids and elderly. Probably due to its long history of refinement and culture, they have learnt how to lived and treat each other accordingly to ensure a harmonious relationship in various aspects of relation whether is within the immediate family or distant and friends or work, school etc. Then there is also the beautiful landscapes all across the vast country with different seasons offering different experiences. Of course, not forgetting the many varieties of fruits, vegetables and cuisines of many different regions at different seasons. One would not be able to live all over China in one lifespan and get to taste the foods and have met and get to know it’s people.


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