Monsoon covers India 12 days in advance, fastest since 2013



PUNE/NEW DELHI: In a swift and smooth advance through the country, the monsoon on Friday covered the whole of India, 12 days before the normal date of July 8, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said.


Along with 2015, when the monsoon had raced through the country on the same date, this was the fastest progression of the rain-bearing system since 2013.


In the past 13 years, the monsoon has covered the entire country before June 26 only once — in 2013, when a freak convergence of several weather systems had caused the catastrophic Kedarnath deluge while advancing the monsoon by an all-time record date of June 16.


IMD said the monsoon marched into the remaining parts of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan on Friday to cover the entire country, 26 days after hitting the Kerala coast. This sets the stage fr timely sowing of kharif crops across the country.


“This was one of the smoothest advances of the monsoon in recent years. Usually the monsoon progresses in fits and starts, but this year it did not stall for long at any stage,” said D Sivananda Pai, IMD’s lead monsoon forecaster.

印度气象局首席季风预报员D Sivananda Pai称:“这是近年来季风最平稳推进的一次。通常季风是时断时续的,但今年在任何阶段都没有停滞太久。”

Rain in June so far has been quite good: IMD director


However, with the monsoon trough moving towards the Himalayan foothills, the plains of northwest India, including Delhi-NCR, are not likely to get good rainfall over the next few days.


The monsoon’s smooth advance has led to a rain-surplus over the country in June, with nearly 22% higher than normal rainfall so far.


The monsoon got favourable conditions for its advance right from the onset stage. First, Cyclone Amphun helped the monsoon reach the Andaman & Nicobar Islands in mid-May. Then, Cyclone Nisarga, which formed in the Arabian Sea towards the end of May, helped monsoon’s onset over Kerala on June 1 and other parts of south India and the western coast.


Finally, the formation of a low pressure area over Bay of Bengal which moved west-northwestwards and another cyclonic circulation over central India helped in its quick advance through central and north India. Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, director general of meteorology, IMD, said the formation of a low pressure area over Bay of Bengal which moved west-northwestwards and another cyclonic circulation over central India helped in advance of monsoon.

最后,在孟加拉湾上空形成一个向西北偏西移动的低气压,印度中部上空另一个气旋环流帮助其快速穿过印度中部和北部。印度气象局主任Mrutyunjay Mohapatra表示,孟加拉湾上空形成的低气压向西北偏西移动,以及印度中部的另一个气旋环流有助于季风提前抵达。

“The rain so far has been quite good with 31 out of 36 meteorological subdivisions getting normal to excess rainfall during June. This would benefit kharif sowing,” he added.





A good timely monsoon is the best thing to happen for India. Its agri-based economy will flourish with a good monsoon.




The ONLY silver lining in 2020 so far and hope the rural economy boosts the sunken GDP...and the farmers get more income.



Sanjoy Pandey

This year the monsoon is likely to be good. It is important to focus on rain water harvesting.



Balaji Ramana

Good that monsoons are normal. Though it will make things easier for Covid 19 to spread, the future of India lies in focussing on Agriculture. Instead of investing huge sums of money in educating our children, better invest the money to buy agricultural land.



K Mohan Hyderabad city

Rain harvesting pits must be created whereever shortage of water was expereinced in the past



Raghavendra Kasthala




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