Green shoots of economy visible, unlocking to continue: PM to CMs



NEW DELHI: Saying that the country will continue with the unlocking which has resulted in the beginning of economic recovery, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed on Tuesday that restoration of full normality will depend on the discipline with which the nation fights the coronavirus.


“We always have to keep in mind that the more we can stop coronavirus, the more it will stop growing, the more our economy will open, our offices will open, markets will open, transport will open, and so will new employment opportunities,” the Prime Minister said as he emphasised the need for people to stick to the anti-virus protocol comprising mandatory use of masks, adherence to "social distancing" and hand hygiene.


Addressing a group of chief ministers and LGs of Union Territories, Modi said two weeks into Unlock-1, green shoots of economy such as a reversal of the drop in power consumption have already begun to be visible.“Fertiliser sales in May this year saw an increase of more than 12% during kharif sowing in comparison to last year, increase in production of two-wheelers which has now reached 70% of pre-lock down level, digital payment in retail reaching pre-lockdown level, increase in toll collection in May and bouncing back of exports. These signals are encouraging us to forge ahead,” he said, making it clear that the relaxations are set to stay. He reiterated the need for continuing vigilance against the deadly virus, saying the danger is not over yet.


Modi emphasised that the country's response to the public health emergency has been effective as can be gauged by a recovery rate exceeding 50%. “All modes of transport are now open, lakhs of migrant labourers have travelled back to their villages, thousands of Indians have returned from abroad, and even though India has a huge population, coronavirus has not assumed as life-threatening a form as in the rest of the world," the PM said as he praised co-operation between the Centre and states.


This was the PM's sixth interaction with chief ministers since the lockdown started on March 25 and the first after Unlocking-1 unfolded. He will have another round of interaction with the remaining CMs on Wednesday.


In his address at the outset, Modi said when India's fight against Covid-19 will be analysed in future, this time will be remembered for how the country worked together and served as an example of ‘cooperative federalism’.


“Experts world over are praising the discipline shown by Indians as the recovery rate in the country is now over 50%. India is amongst the nations with the least deaths due to coronavirus. A big lesson is that if we remain disciplined and follow all rules, coronavirus will cause least damage,” he said.


Seeking suggestions from the CMs, the PM said feedback from them about the reality on the ground will help the Centre chalk out effective plans.




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Please do us favor , RESIGN! You have destroyed our economy. What green shoots, our economy has been shooting blanks like you since you became PM!



vivek ramachandran

Resign and hand over to pappu for winning 54 seats out of 543?!




Now the illiterate gobarment will use the 3 months of the lockdown period as the benchmark for growth. Any future growth will be compared to the growth that took place from April to June, 2020.




We can see Petrol price hikes, deaths due to lack of beds in hospital and hunger and poverty. I can't see normal business running in the country. All my businessman friends are so tensed about the economy and my poor neighbours about the livelihood that they have lost hope in any revival of economy. They remember MMS a lot



Love Rebel

shame on you p.m for such blatant lies



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