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Now, with this modern age the whole meaning of patriotism is changed. We show are ourselves as Indians by changing WhatsApp DP with tricolor of Indian flag. We are too busy being Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christain etc. as well as North Indians, South Indians, Gujaratis, Biharis, Assamese and many more. We are also Indians but, occasionally like:

现在,随着摩登时代的到来,爱国主义的意义改变了。我们通过将WhatsApp DP换成印度国旗的三色来表明我们是印度人。我们忙着信仰印度教、、锡克教、基督教等信仰,忙着扮演北印度人、南印度人、古吉拉特邦人、比哈尔邦人、阿萨姆邦人的身份。我们也是印度人,但偶尔会这样:

On 26 January

On 15 August

On those days we are having India Pakistan cricket match.




I've people who don't know our Anthem, but, on these days they paint tricolors on their cheeks. Taking selfies. If you really want to see the real Indians go to the Borders of India where soldiers born as Indian, fought as Indian and died as Indian



Pannagendra KL, works at Software Engineers

If you ask an Indian outside India then only he will say "I am Indian" otherwise he will say I am an Assamese, I am Kannadiga, I am Bihari etc..


Since our country has different culture and language, everyone are biased towards their own language and culture. That doesn't mean that Indians have less patriotism, but they are more specific about their language and culture. But when it comes to matter of respect towards nation everyone will get unite irrespective of their regional feelings. That's the beauty of India and Indians. Jai Hind!!!!

由于我们国家有不同的文化和语言,每个人都对自己的语言和文化有偏见。这并不意味着印度人的爱国主义比别人弱,只是他们对自己的语言和文化更有归属感。说到对国家的尊重,每个人都会团结起来,不管他们的地区情感如何。这就是印度和印度人之美。印度必胜! ! ! !



It depends on the situation. If a foreigner comes upto you and asks me that question when I am in india , I will try to be specific, Because he would have already figured out that I am an indian(I will look retarded if I say "I am a Indian").


If some one asks me the same question when I am in a foreign country . Then "I am an indian" would be my answer.Because he probably doesn't even know what a bengali or a telugu means.


And this is a point less argument. Us being more patriotic is not going to help our country in any ways.There are lot of other things to worry about.



Shashwat Jain, indian

It depends upon the place where he is. As there is not much migrant or foreign population here, it is obvious that a person looking like an Indian is an Indian. That's why they say their state's name.  But if he is in other country, he will say Indian



Seshan Iyer, I am a fun loving guy with a required amount of intellect. Quite philosophical, a passionate reader, strong...

Indians do not like it when it comes to being among the genetic class of people. I've heard from my friends abroad that foreigners refer Indians as "Asians".


Under such circumstances, we get offended and correct them by saying that we are "Indians". Clueless on how much of it is with patriotism or pride.


But the irony is even while being in India, we do not prefer to be genetic. We are specific. While in India one prefers to introduce himself as A North Indian, South Indian and those who prefer to be more specific end up introducing by the language they speak.


The day we proudly introduce ourselves as Indians in our own motherland, we will feel the pride and patriotism while introducing ourselves as Indians abroad



Sandeep Modey

On the first place, the foreigner should have a common sense that he is in a place of diversity where people speak different languages and follow different cultures and traditions.


What if we ask the foreigner the same question, when we visit his/her country as a tourist? Even he says the same thing. (Name of the place where he belongs)


We Indians have a habit of scolding our own people even though the mistake is not from our end and praise the foreign culture. First we need to change that attitude at least in front of foreigners.



Anurag Nandwana, Indian, and a proud one at that !

They will say "I am an Indian" as soon as they are out of India, or when they are watching a cricket match :)



Amit Gosain

The people you are addressing here as Indians similarly feel the same.

Dude we are reading this post because we are Indians, we don't have to say it.



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