How one Indian company could be world's door to a Covid-19 vaccine



PUNE: If the world is to gain access to a vaccine for Covid-19, there's a good chance it will pass through the doors of Serum Institute of India.


Serum Institute, the world's largest manufacturer of vaccines by volume, is working on several candidates for the novel coronavirus - including potentially mass-producing the AstraZeneca/Oxford university one that has garnered global headlines - as well as developing its own.


The efforts are partly being shepherded by Umesh Shaligram, the head of research and development. His employer is a private company but every day, shortly before midnight, he receives a WhatsApp message from the government asking for updates, and about any new hurdles he faces.


The message is usually from K Vijay Raghavan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's top scientific adviser - an indication of the critical, and even strategically important, nature of the race to develop the vaccines the whole world is waiting for.

这些消息通常来自于莫迪总理的首席科学顾问K Vijay Raghavan。这表明了疫苗开发竞赛非常关键,甚至具有战略意义,这款疫苗是全世界都翘首以待的。

"Any delays, you just tell them," said Shaligram, adding the government has been doing everything it can to fast-track clearances, and resolve import delays and other issues.


"We have begun to see approvals come through in days, even on a Sunday night, for trials and things like that," he said, noting some of these processes typically took 4 to 6 months.


While most of the attention regarding vaccines typically goes to the pharmaceutical developer, India quietly plays a key role in manufacturing 60%-70% of all vaccines sold globally with the Serum Institute playing a lead role, said the company's Chief Executive Adar Poonawalla.


At the company's sprawling, 150-acre campus in the western Indian city of Pune, Shaligram and his team are working flat-out. Dozens of buses ferry in hundreds of workers each day to the grounds, which are buzzing with activity even as the city around it remains largely under lockdown.




With immense talent/ability India is fully capable of developing a vaccine for Covid-19 & hope it will be the first one in the world



Thyaga Rajan

That is the difference the leadership makes. Now it is getting approval within 5 days which was taking 6 months.



Fossil By Then

Only because of Modiji..!! Under Modiji, Indians will be proven to be the greatest civilization on Earth.. All the advanced nations cannot make a simple vaccine while Indians making it easily like barfi..!!



govinda rao

Good job.may god give all the success to addar poonawala



arvind rai

India has the intelligence and the talent. If only we would put more emphasis on research and development, i'm confident India would be the "go to" country in any field!




Wish it happens. All the best.



Shantanu Chakrabarti

As per latest reports the Oxford vaccine has failed animal trials.



TSR The Urbanist

Kudos to All Indians for all the talent...The Leadership presently supports domestic talent which were erstwhile being downtrodden all these years resulting in brain-drain...We need to provide the best of Infrastructure and retain all the best talents in India, which would eventually make India the Numero Uno...Mera Bharat Mahaan..Jai Hind

向印度人才致敬……领导层目前支持国内人才,这些人才过去一直受到压制,导致人才外流。我们应该提供最好的基础设施,留住印度顶尖人才,这最终会让印度成为头号大国. .印度必胜



no other city than Whuhan got virus there.It looks that China has medicine/vaccine.



Santosh Balkrishna

Serum Institute of India - A Ray of Hope. All the best!



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