Death toll due to Covid-19 now at 1,008, cases climb to 31,787: Health ministry



NEW DELHI: Death toll due to Covid-19 rose to 1,008 and the number of cases climbed to 31,787 in the country on Wednesday, registering a record jump of 71 deaths in the last 24 hours, according to the Union health ministry.


There has been a spike of 1,813 cases since Tuesday evening.


The number of active Covid-19 cases stand at 22,982, while 7,796 people have recovered, and one patient has migrated, the ministry said.


"Thus, around 24.52 per cent of the patients have recovered so far," a Health Ministry official said.


The total number of cases include 111 foreign nationals.


A total of 71 deaths were reported since Tuesday evening of which 31 fatalities were from Maharashtra, 19 from Gujarat, six from Madhya Pradesh, five each from Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, two from West Bengal and one each from Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Tamil Nadu.


Of the 1,008 deaths, Maharashtra tops the tally with 400 fatalities, followed by Gujarat at 181, Madhya Pradesh at 119, Delhi at 54, Rajasthan at 51, Uttar Pradesh at 36 and Andhra Pradesh at 31.



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Fully awake

Open up the lock down, restart the economy and allow people to travel. It was a HOAX and a global SCAM. Governments, media and people got fooled.



Man has to bow down. Ego kills.




The way this govt has destroyed the livelihood of millions .... i dont think they intend to open the economy.... they dont have t guts!!!


Gopinath Krishna

You are surely a non indian!



stupid everyday we are getting over 1500 cases on being in lockdown imagince what would have happened if there was no lockdow,and you are still cribbing about economy


Bala Srinivasan

6K deaths in IRAN while INDIA only lost 1K shows our success.With effective VACCINE we can SURVIVE&save ECONOMY too.



Godfather Senior

If the lock down is lifted and the train services started immediately, just in 48 hours Mumbai will see 1000 or even more times of infections and death. That is the real condition. Just because of the lock down, it is simply put to hold from spread and once lock down lifted, God only can Mumbai & Maharashtra. There is hardly any space to maintain social distance, the train travel surely is a nightmare for every commuter



Neeraj Gupta

40% increase in cases in last 10 days despite lock down. Clearly, people are not still not ready to comply. Govt. should impose national emergency, Put complete country in 100% strict lock down for next 1 month at-least. Anyone found violating rules, administration should declare shoot at sight orders. The pandemic danger is very worse by each day.


Lavin Vincent

The 40% did not increase in the last 10 days. It had spread rapidly all over India even before the lockdown, only now the numbers are coming up..



Rai Saheb

All over the world Corona is confined to some areas. How come it spread all over the country in India?




Until fundamentalists are not forced to adhere to government guidelines all the efforts are futile



Smart Indian

The lockdown was to buy time to prepare. Now next week they will experiment by removing the lockdown. There will be a spike. So those who are forced to go out for work will be in trouble. Those who can afford to Stay at home should not venture out now


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