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Alec Cawley

I think it is too early to say yet - China is still to busy gobbling up Western developments and has not yet had time to digest them, let alone synthesize them into something new and distinctive.

But I think it will take some time after it appears before such a renaissance is recognized. Precisely because it will be distinctive, it will be dismissed for quite a while as an aberration. For example, from what I hear, Chines Internet culture is developing significantly differently from both Western and other Asian Internet cultures. I expect to see some original ideas coming out of this, though what they might be I cannot guess.

But it will only be when the active generation is one that has already absorbed the shock of the current influx of western derived ideas in childhood. Maybe today’s schoolchildren





Randall Burns, Graduate Certificate Software Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University (2006)

China has been able to turn around a major economic decline and is well on its way to assuming again the traditional role China had in the world economy.

That does not constitute a cultural step forward. It is healing a deep wound.

I think it will be another generation before the Chinese lea-ship is secure enough to loosen controls enough that we’ll see Chinese culture moving in some new directions again.





Yu Cheng, lived in China (1988-2012)

The economy is certainly rising. Industries are performing reasonably well. But I am not so sure about any cultural renaissance.

I am not really sure what renaissance means actually, because the concept is fundamentally European.

In the Chinese context, a lot of traditions have been carried on by modern people even though Chinese have gong through the dark time in the Cultural Revolution. The Spring Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and many traditional festivals are celebrated as usual. There is no recent changes. People still follow many local customs in wedding ceremonies and funerals. It’s also common to follow some western practices.

So, I think the Chinese way of life is somewhere in between of the west and the east, right now. I didn’t see any ancient cultures coming back, except those that are always there.

A lot of new cultural practices and phenomenons are emerging though, mostly driven by the Internet generation and the young people. They are open to all kinds of American, Japanese, Korean, Chinese cultures and so on. They are also creating their own authentic Chinese cultures, the 21st century version.

For example, you will see Chinese teenagers dressing in some Marvel T-shirt discussing Korean TV shows on their way to schools for their lectures in traditional Chinese musical instruments like Erhu or the Chinese painting.

Try this Chinese song, created by a young Chinese folk singer and musician Zhao Lei. It recently go viral across the Internet and the entire country.

I think China is simply embracing the modern world while carrying many of its ancient legacies that still suit the modern life. For the sake of renaissance, China is indeed picking up its lost position in the global stage, since China used to be a cultural hub for many different civilizations. With the economy developing, we will see more international cultural activities in China, although the country overall is still considered to be conservative.









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Wenjie Piao

I don’t know if I see any renaissance. Or there needs to be one.

Firstly I don’t know if bunch of people dressing in ancient clothes is ‘renaissance’. As shallow as I am, the clothes seemed to me the last to represent our culture, being one that almost focused on the spiritual world of a man.

Secondly, I think the minute we yell save the traditional culture of China, we lose them for good. The very word traditional chills me, cutting ourselves from all things representing the old times, traditional, modern, that’s the very thing against historical materialism.

Thirdly, I think we think too much of ourselves. A thousand year old culture is not subjected for us to destroy or revive. You can embrace it, or not, it’s just there for you to dig, but don’t think anyone can make a dent on it, we are not that great, I certainly am not.

You know what I would define as a renaissance? An era, I won’t even aim for Tang. In the meantime, we can produce 5 painters on ink and wash paintings who would be remembered in history, and we can stop going to a zither concert like going to the zoo but start to really appreciate it, and produce one, just one, philosopher who can ‘guide’ our spirit for another 2500 years.






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