Why do many foreigners who come to China think what they saw is so much different from what they heard at home?



Stefan Dodov, studied at The Ohio State University

After US, I came to my home country and told my ex-boss that I got a job in China, in Shanghai. Her response was what will you do there??? Ants crawl on the walls, dirty and so on… I even thought like that.


But that's what our western media (propaganda) is doing. If you rely on Hollywood you will believe that USA won in Vietnam because of Rambo, life is wonderful, everyone has unrealistic beauty standard, money grow on the trees and so on.


If you see Latin soap shows you would believe that life in Mexico and other S. American countries is beyond wonderful. Plus you might have some rich parent that you don't know off till you are grown up to run the business.


Haha. The thing is that China doesn't advertise her potential and the western media has the chance to provide and imagine of China according to the needs of their bosses. If you see the news, the only news shown from China are that of earthquake deaths, poverty, ghost cities, people eating dogs or bugs and miners dying in poor conditions.


And this creates an image that here is so bad. And than BAM!!! You came to China, trains travel with the speed of 300 km/h, cars not older then 5 years, highways, industry etc… you can do your research. Enjoy China!!!

这严重抹黑了中国的形象。然后砰! ! !你来到中国,发现这里的火车以每小时300公里的速度运行,这里的汽车都是不超过5年的新车,这里的高速公路,这里的工业设施等等,不信你自己来中国看看。好好享受中国之旅哟! ! !


Stewart Campbell, lived in China

To be fair, in the media (in my countries of UK, Australia and New Zealand) China is NOT portrayed wrongly. It is well known there just how advanced and modern is China. But perhaps in the USA the media are, as the Donald says, full of “False News”!


However, in the past, China was indeed less modern and maybe even the way many people still believe it to be.


The truth is that Asian countires are the new modern advanced places on Earth.


I live in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and China - my wife of 6 years is Chinese..


Before my first visit to China (about 10 years ago) I expected the countryto be rather backward and maybe dirty. And, in fact, at that time, the city where I now spend a lot of time (and I am in Foshan, Guangdong as I write this) was not much better than I expected. Visibility was about a half kilometer. I remember a bridge near where I stayed (a Hotel in Foshan) - I could only ever see half way across it though it was less than a km long.


But I have been returning to China every year since. And every year I see improvements and advancement. Now, there is no pollution and I can see for many many kms in clear air. The roads have almost no motorcycles at all (and I haven’t seen a scooter since I arrived a week ago). The cars are nearly all quality cars and fairly new, and the roads are now quite busy. The driving standard has still a way to go - but is a million times better than it was. The shops, the malls etc are better than any I know in UK, NZ or Australia. I dont know all of USA - been mainly to the Western states, and been in all of those in or to West of Rockies - the standard of shops, malls, buildings, homes, railways and pretty much everywhere you look, is vastly superior in China. Do the people of USA realise just how backward their nation is compared to modern China??


I have now travelled in complete silence, smoothly at 325 km/hr on one of the high speed trains. I have witnessed how well dressed, modern and polite the people there are. How clean are the streets. How safe from crime I feel (what a difference from USA!!)


I recently spoke to an old friend to say that I was off to China again. And made some comments about how great the place now is and so modern. She looked a little quizzed and said she imagined China was big polluted cities linked with fields of poor peasants working in the paddy fields. I had to laugh!! But really, it is sad!



Dawei Chen,

You’d expect to see Kung Fu everywhere:

You’d actually see a massive working class with no one knows Kung Fu pretty much:

You’d expect to see traditional architectures everywhere:

You’d actually see crap loads of skyscrapers with few traditional architectures:

You’d expect heavy pollution:

You’d actually see most places in China are pollution free:

You’d expect everything to be dirt cheap:

You’d actually see real estate here is a fvcking joke (forget houses, apartments cost millions):

You’d expect Chinese food to be all like this:

Well, if you try a different dish everyday, you’d die without trying all of them:













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