83% of Covid-19 patients in India are aged below 60 yrs



NEW DELHI: Over 83% of Covid-19 patients in India are below the age of 60 years. The majority of people (41%) infected by Covid-19 in the country are in the age group of 21-40 years, according to health ministry data.


While the elderly are said to be the most vulnerable to the disease, people above 60 years account for only 17% of total cases in the country till now. This implies others are also susceptible and the younger age group, particularly in the 21-40 bracket, may be more representative of foreign travellers seen to be the source of Covid-19 in India. They include professionals and students, who have returned to India, apart from other categories.


However, the mortality rate, warn experts, is higher among the elderly. Reports of deaths so far indicate that age with accompanying conditions (co-morbidities) like diabetes, cardiac diseases and hypertension increase mortality.


The health ministry did not provide data on age profiles of those who have succumbed to the disease.


An age profile analysis of all the positive cases of Covid-19 cases in India so far shows 8.61% of positive cases are in between 0-20 years, 41.88% cases in the age group of 21-40, 32.82% in 41-60 and 16.69% in the people are above 60 years of age.


Also, India reported 58 critical cases of Covid-19 and these were mainly found in Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi. “It has been observed that most of the deaths are being reported from elderly people or people having co-morbidities such as diabetes, kidney and cardiac ailments . Hence, all people falling in the high risk category need to follow all precautions,” health ministry joint secretary Lav Agarwal said.

此外,印度报告了58例重症病例,这些病例主要来自喀拉拉邦、中央邦和德里。卫生部联合秘书Lav Agarwal称:“据观察,大多数死亡病例是老年人,或者是同时患有糖尿病、肾病和心脏病等疾病的人。因此,高危人群都应采取一切必要的预防措施。”

He said, “We are dealing with a highly infectious and communicable disease. We are battling with this on a day-to-day basis. Still, the case-doubling rate in India is less than other countries.”


India has so far reported 2,902 positive cases of Covid-19. Of this, 601 have been reported in the last 24 hours, according to the health ministry data. Besides, the total deaths stood at 68, including 12 deaths in last 24 hours.


According to World Health Organisation, around 9,72000 cases have been reported globally so far with an average 75,800 cases in one day.



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The rate of increase has increased because of Tablighi Meccavirus. The Coronavirus was well under control before.


Joe Kool

The answer is simple.

Majority of the Tablighis that attended were in that age group.



Shapoor Bomanjee

India is in a very dangerous situation, all because it did not handle the Tablighi Jamaat with an IRON hand. If this happened in US or any other country, by now all these anti-nationals would be in jail guarded concentration camps. Now, Indian citizens will pay the price for this soft handling of dirty rouges.



Altaf Hyder

The exodus of migrant workers from cities has caused this increase not tableeq congregation which is made scapegoat to hide govt failure in planning the lockdown.



Neo The One

Simple solution as a lot of people have said...anyone catching this virus as a result of lockdown violation shall not be treated in hospital... once ppl come to know of this they shall run indoors and never come out



Bijay Mishra

thanks to modi ji for protecting our old generation.



K Mohan

What is more concerned now that this virus has now entered the biggest slum of Mumbai



K Mohan

For this virus, there is no age or race it attacks anyone who are careless



K Bhagwan

This proves one thing, younger generation eating pizza & paovada is weaker section than 60 .



Aam Aadmi

It doesn't mean that person below the age of sixty is safe !



Virendra Saxena

All r at equal risks.



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