India's lockdown smackdown: Cops smash curfew violators as country's 1.3 billion people are told to stay indoors over coronavirus, leaving streets empty amid fears a MILLION could die



The world's largest democracy went under the world's biggest lockdown Wednesday, with India's 1.3 billion people ordered to stay home in a bid to stop coronavirus overwhelming the country's fragile healthcare system.


Police used rattan canes to beat people into compliance as New Delhi's typically bustling streets and train station were all-but cleared of people in an unprecedented move to try and slow the spread of the disease.



India has so far reported a relatively small number of cases - 500 - compared to European nations that are reporting figures well into the tens of thousands, but there are fears that generally cramped living conditions, poverty, poor hygiene and a creaking healthcare system could quickly cause it to run out of control.


'We expect 55 percent of the Indian people will get Covid-19 infection,' Dr SP Kalantri, superintendent of a large hospital in central India, told Vox. 'If the current disease trajectory is anything to go by, we expect 1 million or 2 million deaths in India over a one-year period.'

印度中部一家大型医院的负责人SP Kalantri表示,我们预计55%的印度人会感染Covid19。他说,如果按照目前的发展轨迹,我们预计在一年内印度将有100万或200万人死亡。

Announcing the lockdown Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that only essential services such as water, electricity, health services, fire services, groceries and municipal services will be allowed to operate.


All shops, commercial establishments, factories, workshops, offices, markets and places of worship will be closed and interstate buses and metros will be suspended. Construction activity will also be halted.


'According to health experts, a minimum of 21 days is most crucial to break the cycle of infection. If we are not able to manage this pandemic in the next 21 days, the country and your family will be setback by 21 years. If we are not able to manage the next 21 days, then many families will be destroyed forever,' Modi said.


The lockdown means that roughly a third of the world's population - or 2.6billion people - are now living under some kind of restriction imposed because of coronavirus, half of them in India.


While police were strict at enforcing the lockdown in the country's metropolises, there were fears that the lockdown could inadvertently cause the disease to spread to the countryside as migrant workers packed on to buses to avoid being locked down away from their families.



Meanwhile India's colossal passenger railway system has come to a halt as officials take emergency measures to keep the coronavirus pandemic from spreading in the country of 1.3 billion.


The railway system is often described as India's lifeline, transporting 23 million people across the vast subcontinent each day, some 8.4 billion passengers each year.


Health officials have reported 512 cases of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus, and at least nine deaths.



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fieldhouset, blackpool, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago

What a great time to get the streets cleaned and try and keep it that way


MYOB_Please, AnyTown, United States, 5 hours ago

Good for India.



Vouti, makati, Philippines, 6 hours ago

If needed why not.



JohnUKhere, Here, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago

Italy in it's first few weeks had ups and downs like this and look where they are now, it means nothing.



bob, China, China, 7 hours ago

I love india..

我爱印度. .


Commonsense_82, London, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago

That's how you do a lockdown .



debbie59, Melbourne, Australia, 8 hours ago

But where will the homeless go, where do they take refuge?




Dave Ren, Nowhere special, United Kingdom, 8 hours ago

But... They nearly all live in the streets...


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