India's air quality immediately improves under coronavirus lockdown



According to to Swiss firm IQAir, around half of the world's 50 most polluted cities are in India, with much of the blame going to the sheer number of vehicles cramming overcrowded streets. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on Indians to observe voluntary confinement on Sunday, roads that are usually crammed with cars, rickshaws, motorbikes and buses were clear. At least 75 Indian districts are under lockdown to help control the spread of the coronavirus, and that's had an immediate positive effect on air quality in New Delhi, which is the world's most polluted capital city.


On Monday, New Delhi's Air Quality Index was recorded at around 93, which is considered moderate. Air quality is deemed to be good when the number drops below 50. New Delhi's air is regularly considered unhealthy, and AQI averaged around 161 in March of last year, according to IQAir. In financial capital Mumbai, levels were at 90, versus an average of around 153 in March 2019. India's toxic air claimed 1.24 million lives in 2017, according to a study published in Lancet Planetary Health.


"(The drop) is mainly because of a huge reduction in vehicular traffic," said Dr. Gufran Beig, project director at the government environment monitoring agency SAFAR.


As a result, skyscrapers usually shrouded in smog were visible and some residents reported spotting more stars than usual.


"We went for a walk and my wife found that breathing was easier," said retired sea captain Francis Braganza, 74, whose wife suffers from chronic breathing problems he attributed to pollution.

74岁的退休船长弗朗西斯·布拉干萨称:“ 出去散步时,我妻子发现呼吸更顺畅了。”

Some research also links air pollution to an increased risk of respiratory virus infections — which include COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.


"Once we get over this crisis, it will be as bad as before," Braganza said while walking on a quiet Mumbai road.



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Gee, I wonder if our population boom of the past 100 years has anything to do with the increase of environmental problems and diseases.



Daniel Strickeryesterday

so the virus is not all that bad.




So the air quality improved, people can have a breath of clean air!




The Article talks about Skyscrappers in India and how India is developed but never show it in their pics/Images of India..ROFL..Are the afraid to show India development to their own people?...For the fact this pic is from the C grade city in India and I'v seen this same pic used by western media on multiple Articles..Its of India..Just mentioning..ROFL





Gee the air is getting better? No kidding. No ones driving,or working at factories pumping out pollution. That’s what we’re talking about!! It’s going to take years of not going anywhere to stop what’s already happening. Greenland lost more ice than ever recorded, same with the Antarctic Our seas are rising faster than before. We need to switch to green energy NOW while we can.




Big Johnsonyesterday

This explains why I couldn't get someone from Dell tech support.



Boots, 7yesterday

The world air quility would inprove if we all stay home.



L. A.yesterday

What about all of those wood burning ovens used frequently by several millions of people in India? I have a hard time imagining there's any noticeable difference in this short amount of time.



joe gyesterday

so did the air in china.... then soon as they fired back up the emissions were right back to way off the scale......




Google, quick take all pics of Indian cities from sky. You will get clear and non hazy pics.



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