Why is the Indian Air Force not afraid of a Chinese stealth fighter aircraft J-20?




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The Indian air force has put in so much effort to analyse this jet. The pilots i know have confirmed that the J-20 being a 5th generation jet. There are still areas where the Indian Air Force is able to detect. The J-20 may look like a very sophisticated jet but the IAF believed that their Su-30MKI is able to engage with these jets without any concerns about its abilities.

印度空军投入了大量精力来分析这架飞机。我认识的飞行员已经确认歼20是第五代喷气式飞机。印度空军仍然能够探测到一些地区。歼20可能看起来很像非常复杂的喷气式飞机,但印度空军相信他们的苏- 30mki能够与这些喷气式飞机交战,并不担心其战斗力。

The Indian intelligence have put in a significant amount of work to analyse the J-20. They have drawn some conclusion based on the design perspective, the power plant and stealth features. Now stealth can be detected even in far distance of over 100km.


When i talk about the threat of J-20. The IAF pilots would say “Yes they are a threat, but we can deal with the threat based on our analysis of the performance of the jet, its capabilities and from there we could understand its potential weaknesses and strength. We have a tactics to engage the J-20” The IAF will be further improving their jets to meet the new threat. Existing assets such as the Su-30MKI, Dassault Rafale and even the Mirage 2000 are capable jets to counter the J-20. The J-20 in many’s view could be the ultimate weapon in the PLAAF but when the jets starts to take action such as super cruise performance, opening of weapon bay doors, radar emissions etc, the IAF Flankers could detect it even far away!…

当我谈到歼-20的威胁性时。印度空军飞行员会说:“是的,他们是一个威胁,但我们可以根据我们对飞机性能、性能的分析来应对这种威胁,从而了解其潜在的弱点和优势。”我们有对付J-20的战术,印度空军将进一步改进他们的战机以应对新的威胁。现有的装备如苏- 30mki、达索阵风甚至幻影2000都有能力对抗J-20。在许多人看来J-20可能是解放军空军的终极武器,但当战斗机开始有所动作时,如启动超级巡航性能、打开武器舱门、雷达发射等,印度空军就可以在远处探测到它!

Another confidence to the IAF Pilots is the exercise with the US F-22. That confidence is good enough as the pilots was able to shoot down F-22 with their Su-30MKI in close combat. The IAF pilots understand whats coming out of China and i believe they are very much prepared to face any such threats from China.



Shekhar Attri, studies at Reva Institute of Technology and Management Bangalore (2021)

See, J-20 is just a copy of American F-22.




China has always reverse engineered the outside technologies.


Now coming to the point, that why India is not afraid of this aircraft, I will put some points here.


1 Why would any country will put any order of other foreign aircraft, if it has its own advanced aircraft??? Yes, the chinese has put an order of Russian Su-35. Because they know that they are unable to meet there specifications in J-20.


Well they claim to detect stealth aircraft, but there radars are not very good. Hence they plan to buy 4 Russians Su 35.


2 Well this aircraft is in its low rate initial production. Till they will introduced it in PLAAF the Russian Indian FGFA will also be ready for its induction in IAF (maximum 6 months later after J 20).


Now you think, if China are so eager for Su- 35, how advanced will FGFA be, which both Russia and India will not share with anyone.

现在你想想,如果中国如此渴望苏- 35战机,第五代战斗机会有多先进,俄罗斯和印度都不会与任何人分享。

3 Now if you are thinking they will pass this technology to Pakistan, then forget about this. Firstly it is strictly not for export (same as F-22, no one will share there latest technology), maybe there J-31. Now coming to pakistan, can they afford to buy it!!! Year before they do not go ahead to buy F-16 for $700 million.


And do you actually think China consider pakistan as its ally?? They are just using it for there purpose, and there increasing economy.


4 India is in very few countries that have nuclear triad ie they can attack from land, sea and air. And moreover India’s Missile defence system is ranked among top nations.


5 India always have support of Russia. And now at this time, most country have dispute with China. Vietnam, Japan, US and NATO countries clearly do not like him and will engage in war if they dare to atrack India.


So China will never think to attack India, after looking to our military power. There increasing economy cannt afford any war.


India has never invaded any country first, but if some one will try, we wont tolerate it. And China must know it, that we are always ready for there friendship proposal.


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