4.5 per cent GDP growth rate unacceptable, worrisome Manmohan Singh


NEW DELHI: Former prime minister Manmohan Singh said on Friday the GDP growth rate of 4.5 per cent was unacceptable and worrisome, and urged his successor Narendra Modi to set aside "deep-rooted suspicion" of society and nurse India back to harmonious, mutually trustworthy society that can help the economy soar.

Delivering his valedictory address at a national conclave on economy, Singh said mutual trust is the bedrock of societal transactions fostering economic growth, but "our social fabric of trust, confidence is now torn and ruptured".

He said the "toxic combination of deep distrust, pervasive fear and a sense of hopelessness in our society" is stifling economic activity and growth.






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For the last seventy years India walked on fifty% black money and IMF loans. MMS knows well that when world experience a slowdown India has to move along. No body wants his ''acceptance'' as he is a stooge of Italian Mafia. Has MMS ever said a good word about the present govt?




Sir, you liberalized Indian economy for betterment and development people but current government, RBI Governor, administration, bureaucracy has ruined and robbed people of India.





just look your tenure.



Srinivasan Venkataraman

MMS was sleeping as PM. What was the amount of Corruption/ Inflation during his time. How many bad loans was given during his 1-0 Yrs Rule. Today this Govt is Clean. Outside world is under severe recession. Countries are not able to show positive growth for past 5 Yrs. Germany is in Recession .The only country which had growth . We are not happy with 4.5 but it is far better than Corruption / Bad Loans , Swindling of Indians assets. Today we can proudly say INDIANS re not corrupt . This is quarter result.Things can improve next quarter . We have given 5 Yrs for this Govt .Let us see what is happening in the next quarter




Growth is slow not because the economy is mismanaged although I disagree with disruptive events like demonetization and big bang implementation of GST. Growth has been impacted by a prolonged slowdown in global economy itself and more importantly the hole in the books of the banks that Manmohan and his jihadi congress party created to fill up their pockets. At this age they still want to fill up their pockets and I wonder how people cannot see through the incompetence of this idiot who has the dubious record of bringing the economy to the brink of bankruptcy twice (1990 and 2013).



Sujith Vr

Plz have a Look at your living room. There is an elephant in the living room.




He remembers only 2 words Sonia and Raul Vinci,he forgot economics long back.




He never knew economics. He knew boot licking which gave him an economist tag



Pijush Das

I wish to say this to Manmohan Singh. I think what is not acceptable is crony capitalism, money laundering, bribery and corruption. That is what is not acceptable. I know that 4.5% GDP growth per quarter is low but I would prefer "clean" growth, rather than economic growth founded on money laundering, corruption , bribery and crony capitalism.



Srinivas V

Absolutely. The same is applicable to non Congress parties as well.



Krishna Kumar Mishra

sir we have enough of your expertise during UPA era listening you is disgusting




nirmala sithraman is definitely doing a lot compared to jaitley but seems she needs to do it better.



San G

the real prblm is these dimwits dont know what to do



San G

as per the new formula inventrd by modi govt mms era. gdp wud be 6.5 two pts above....so modi has put india down by two more pts i.e 2.5 by eaier calculation...down in the dumps



Ajith Kumar

was it acceptable when GDP growth rate went down to 4.3 during you term?



Hindi New Songs Matkar

No structural reforms were done when MMS was PM. So no need to ridicule Modi.




Ex Scam PM - Economy is a cycle and some times it happens. Still it is growth. Just shut up and get back all your scam money for a decade.



Shaleen Nath Tripathi

8% nominal growth means 4% real growth if the deflator is 4% which depends upon inflation... Inflation has increased in the recent months which has increased the value of deflator... GDP growth rate has not gone down but inflation has increased... If inflation was 2 percent real GDP would be 6%... 0% inflation means 8% real growth rate...



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