A Chinese pilot was suspended over a viral photo of a woman posing and flashing a V-sign in his cockpit during a flight



A Chinese pilot has been banned from flying for his airline for life after a photo of a woman posing in his cockpit during a flight went viral.

The unnamed pilot, who worked for Chinese airline Air Guilin, was suspended on Sunday, the airline said in a statement on Weibo. He was found in violation of the Civil Aviation Administration of China's rules, which forbid passengers and other unrelated people from entering the cockpit, Air Guilin said.

The photo shows an unidentified woman in the captain's seat, with a tray of drinks in front of her. She is flashing a V-sign with her left hand.

It was taken on January 4, 2019, during Flight GT 1011 from Guilin, southern China, to the eastern city of Yangzhou, Air Guilin said. There were no reports of malfunctions on that flight.

It's not entirely clear whether the flight was airborne at the time, but a Chinese aviation blogger who first spotted the photo said it was taken mid-flight.

The blogger, who goes by the name "Confirmation Signal," shared a screenshot of a post containing the photo on Weibo on Sunday. The post contained the caption: "Super grateful to the captain! I'm truly too happy!"

That post, presumably published by the woman in the photo, has since been deleted.








Her identity has not been revealed publicly, and the screenshot shared by "Confirmation Signal" had blurred out the woman's eyes and the poster's name.

Air Guilin said it had also suspended other crew members who had been involved in the photo from working for the company. They will also undergo further investigation by the company.

While the pilot has been suspended from working for Air Guilin for the rest of his life, he could still find another job at another airline. According to CNN, a representative for the company told the state-run Beijing Youth Daily newspaper that every carrier has its own rules and can decide whether or not to hire him.

Zhang Qihuai, the deputy head of the Chinese Aviation Law Association, told the country's state-run Global Times tabloid that the woman should also be punished with five days in detention and a 2,000-yuan ($286) fine.

Zhang added that the actions of the captain and the woman had put other passengers in danger.







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Ken Eyesterday

When I was seven, I flew from NYC to Amsterdam overnight on a 747. I was in coach class, of course. At one point, in the middle of the night, I couldn't sleep and the flight attendant invited me upstairs to visit the cockpit. Of course, I was over the moon thrilled. I got to sit in the pilot's chair while I chatted with the guy. You could see every star in the sky way up there. I was literally seven years old, sitting at the controls of a 747. One of the true highlights of my life.




"There were no reports of malfunctions on that flight."

So the pilot was able to rise to the occasion then?





In today's Chinese news paper, The pilot, Su Chen, was suspended for life, and Guilin airline is reporting to China Aviation Admin to ban him from flying for life.

In the mean time, 6 of the top officers of Guilin Airline and 6 crew members were disciplined and fined 3 month salaries.




Big Jim and the Twins

Every time I read a story about Chinese pilots I feel like I need to read another one an hour later.



Andrew Perr

The best thing about yahoo articles is they just repeat the same thing like 3 times before actually moving on with the story




How would one prove the plane was in the air at the time? ~~ ".... said it was taken while the plane was airborne."

如何证明当时飞机在空中呢?~ ~”....说这是飞机在空中的时候拍的。”



flashing a V-sign

You mean the peace sign that every Asian uses in photos?




Season 3 Heimer 2.0

this happened before on a Russian flight. Aeroflot Flight 593 in 1994.

The pilot father was showing his kids the instruments of the Airbus A310 (they are flying to vacation spot). the father was manipulating the auto pilot controls but didnt know the boy's pressure on the control column can disengage auto pilot without warning. the flight rolled and pitched up then stalled out.

It is totally ridiculous how important systems can be turned on/off without audible warning






Steep price to pay for becoming a member of the mile-high club.



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