Is BrahMos the best ever cruise missile built in the world?




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Whether Brahmos is the deadliest or not it is a matter of debate . But it is certainly effective. But any conclusion cannot be reached with one sided arguments i.e. we have compare Brahmos with western cruise ship-killer cruise missiles like Harpoon of USA.


1.Stealth and Agility vs Stealth and speed: Western anti-ship missiles such as the Harpoon and Exocet are not supersonic, they depends on stealth and agility to counter missile defense system. Brahmos is big missile rushing at 2.8 mach speed and hence, more detectable. But, the idea is to make it stealthy enough to avoid early detection. So, when it gets detected because of its heat release, it is too late for any missile defense system.

2.Size matters: US made small missiles so that jets can carry it. A f18 can carry more than two harpoon easily. But, Brahmos can be as 2500 kg. But, these same disadvantages make it the deadliest. Aircraft carriers are too sturdy as it has handle 20 ton jets landing at more than 100 mile/hr speed. So, it can withstand one or two hits of small missiles. Now, imagine a 2500 kg missile ramming at over 3300 km/hr speed with 300 kg explosive. Game over for any ship.

3.Brahmos is exception: It can bypass even the most advanced ship protection systems like Aegis Combat System, because even today, most of the ship protection systems are capable of handling cruise missile with 1.5 mach (or something around that speed) as those were mainly made for USSR missiles during cold era.

Brahmos is not the best as western missiles are more agile, intelligent, but it is very highly effective.






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I disagree with the other answer. Brahmos is one of the deadliest supersonic anti ship and land attack cruise missiles in the world. It's not meant to have a long range as its for an entirely different purpose.

Brahmos has changed the Indian armed forces greatly. We now possess a missile against which Pakistan has no defense. It has bolstered our security by its prowess.

During tests , it hit the bulls eye every time and managed to hit a corvette just above the waterline . This is exceptional accuracy for a supersonic missile. Indian Navy currently has around 100 Brahmos deployed on its ships. It has given them an unprecedented boost in anti ship capability . No other missile In our inventory is as capable as the Brahmos.

It's mach 3 speed and 300 kg warhead and 290 km range is more than enough for the army to take out valuable enemy installations along the border and for the Navy to take out any enemy ship .

My conclusion is, Brahmos is the best missile in our region and it has totally changed the balance of naval power with its induction in the Navy .






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Brahmos is ONE OF THE BEST cruise missiles in the world. Few people already mentioned here that Brahmos is great in its anti ship role. But even in that department it's not the best. Sure it's the fastest anti ship missile but when you go fast you radiate heat and therefore you're much more visible to any defense then subsonic missile. Also US anti ship missile LRASM which is much slower then Brahmos is superior in its stealthines and it's incredibly smart meaning it can avoid and sense enemy defense layers on its own and operate in GPS and radar denied environment.

Then there is the matter of range. Brahmos is thought of as a short range cruise missile especially when you compare it to Tomahawk or Russian Kalibr cruise missile which can be fixed from over 1000 miles. So Brahmos would be useless against any target beyond 290 km. There ar many more examples and that's why Brahmos is considered one of the best missiles for short range anti ship role.




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It's the best "Supersonic" curise missile today - different types of cruise missiles have completely different purposes and operational methods.

BrahMos is the fastest cruise missile and has the longest range of any supersonic cruise missile at 290km. This alongwith high accuracy and a unique movement applied at the last leg of the missile flight increasing it's penetration drastically make it the deadliest supersonic cruise missile currently available. 

It's mainly meant for short range coastal/naval engagements. In land warfare, for quick tactical strikes of important and well defended targets.

The level of threat by this missile is so great - that the US Navy has commissioned a project to get their own equivalen missile system or buy BrahMos - the reports are available from Startfor and other defence forum/companies forums.






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