Can India stop China from becoming a superpower?(3)



VN AnandRagavan, works at Industrial Automation

China reasonably outsmart India in various domains which includes industrial, agriculture, infrastructure, technological areas which constitutes whole of the countries GDP statistics , apparently China leading by a large margin standing firm at second most influential economic engine of the world . So it's highly inappropriate to compare India at present, standing way behind China interms of average growth rate and GDP.

India, on the other hand is a developing country at a rapid pace for the past 10 years which entitles India as the fastest one of growing economy in accordance with China.

India emphasises cultural values , hereditary , historical monuments with rich multi ethnic traditional pride corresponding to their counterpart China's rich traditional history.

India's economy gained traction after 1991 with unprecedented growth and improvements in various sectors like infrastructure , textiles , Food, shipping, agriculture which embarked substantial positive impact in GDP.

Stable financial and consistent economic policies led to decent banking system and remarkable NBFC organisations, transportations and logistics upliftment partnering with European and US firms have led to massive development in encompassing supply chain of diversified bussiness verticals , imports and exports is always a profitable venture in India's success in global markets , the IT& IT enabled service industry is a ultimate game changer which contributed loads to wealth creation among corporates and bussiness tycoons lead to the potential revenue generation to the government via the direct taxes and trade. overall these cumulative factors contributed to the nation building with job creation in these sectors accordingly.






India constitutes 65% of the population below the age of 35 which is an huge boost for the future prosperity and flourishment of the country whereas, China in contrary have priorities and regulations in terms of population control perhaps it contains equal amount of people from various age groups is certainly a drawback and restrain to their sustained development model.

India incorporates with multiple developed countries especially the western countries in terms of bilateral agreements, bussiness interests, investments , artificial intelligence at present . with affable relationship among the consortium of heavyweights almost leading most of the countries espouse India as a trusted ally excluding very few.

Looking at the current scenario China is absolute in terms of other Asian countries like Japan and India but in a matter of a decades India is fast approaching in competence alongside China with economy improving at rapid pace beside mild on and off sluggishness due to the volatile global market..But, overall optimism is highly palpable and India is assured to forsee itself as the more powerful asian country in terms of GDP and second-most ranked world leader by 2030 ..





Achal Gautam  lives in India

No, India can't stop China from becoming a supepower. Even Americans can't stop a peaceful rise of China. Only China can stop itself from becoming a superpower.

 India may be a weaker power but it is still no 4 behind China in latest Global Firepower Ranking. In case of a conflict, the story of both China and India would be over. However we hate each other, India & China are neighbors and we must live peacefully.




Chris Yip, former Retired Businessman

Yes, you can ! But do you really have to stop China from becoming a superpower , which China do not want to be anyway ?

Given that the Chinese have had already demonstrated their maritime might , all over South East Asia, Middle East and Africa, through various dynasties, through the Silk Roads and Sea Routes , from the Tang until the Ming dynasties, without setting up a single military garrison, you can rest assured that the Chinese, like myself, do not want China to be a superpower. Yes , we have had excelled our cultural influences on these countries, like the Indian Buhdism has expanded to the world. Conquering, enslavement, genocide like the European settlers? No. We do not believe the Abrahamic religions, namely Judaism, Christianity, Islam that advocate One Freking True God that everyone has to be subjected to. That's the difference.




Sankar Kakaraparti, works at Tata Consultancy Services (2015-present)

You don't. Instead we should strive to become a super power ourselves. If we are strong enough China has no option other than to be an ally. Our biggest problem is that we don't like economic reforms as it disrupts our daily life (comfort zone) and we don't want to pay taxes because we firmly believe it all goes to politicians pockets. We are busy fighting among ourselves about which religion is great or which language is great and our own media fuels it for TRP. So there's nothing we can do to stop China because we can defend ourselves from external threats only after we stop beating ourselves.



Vishnu P, lives in Kerala, India

Even in its almost 5000 years of history, India has never invaded another nation’s territory. India and China are neighbors and as an Indian i don’t think there’s a reason for us to stop any country form becoming superpower. I guess it’s high time for both India and China to sit around a table and sort their differences out. So that 2 great nations of the world can join hands together and help each other out for the betterment of their people and the country as a whole.

Just imagine what would happen if China and India join their hands together. Instead of looking to the west, i guess we should give more focus to be in cooperation with our neighbors. China should also consider giving support to India in its entry into international organisations like NSG and all.

I hope that SCO and BRICS will help to melt the ice between the two great nations of the world.

I don’t know why this question’s even asked, but as an Indian I am saying that no true Indian will ever wish to deter China’s (or any nation’s) progress or to destroy it.

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Nikunj Rathod, I Follow IR closely.

All the afore mentioned answers might have given you a clearer idea that China's rise as a SUPERPOWER is Inevitable.

But I would like to share some light on what a patriot like you and me can do about it.

Answer: Make India a superpower

This might not sound shockingly absurd to fellow quorans who follow SouthAsian power tussle between India and China.

Question: How do we make India a Superpower?

Answer: Let the Government of India worry about our defence procurements, Naval bases and International affairs with West and in SouthEast Asia. The only terms on which India can compete with China is it's economic might. And that is what we have to worry about right now. But then how and what can we do you may ask. I say,

Use India's Demographic dividend :-

Almost half the number of people on earth live in either of the two countries. Ever wondered how did a country like China who got it's self-rule in 1949 (and that's two years after India's independence) manage to emerge as an exceptional competitor in the Superpower race? That is because they knew they had a Huge workforce and needed to create sufficient number of jobs.

Now, India has 65% population in working age group. The average age of India is around 27 years and so this makes India a young nation that is capable of becoming a Superpower.









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