Chinese restaurant apologizes for writing the n-word on a customer's takeout order


A Chinese restaurant employee wrote the n-word on a takeout receipt, alleging he misheard the customer’s name.


Brandon Hart, a regular patron of Eddie’s Carry Out in Washington, D.C. went to pick up his May 24th order of Singapore noodles and beef fried rice, and saw the racial slur rather than his name, on the $19.89 receipt.

布兰登·哈特是华盛顿特区“Eddie’s Carry Out”餐厅的常客。5月24日,他点了一份新加坡面条和牛肉炒饭。


“Just flabbergasted that you can actually write that on a ticket or receipt or any piece of paper,” Hart told Fox 5. “How can you write that word unintentionally and then print it?”


The television station showed the receipt to customers outside the restaurant. “I don’t think I’ll be eating there,” said a man. “I’ve switched my diet up anyways.”


“For real?” said another man. “I think I’m going to leave.”


Owner Yung Lan would not agree to an interview. “We speak Chinese and our English is limited, so we ask customers to spell their names on the phone,” an Eddie’s server tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We typed the name he spelled.”

餐厅的主任兰洋不同意接受采访。“我们都是说中文,英语水平一般,所以我们要求客户在电话里拼一下自己的名字”,Eddie餐厅的服务生告诉雅虎生活(Yahoo Lifestyle),“我们输入的名字确实是他拼给我们的。”

The restaurant was busy that night, she says, and although the receipt suggests that a server named “Yong” took Hart’s order, the staff cannot recall who answered the phone. “I don’t think anyone would do that intentionally,” the worker says. “We don’t have bad intentions.”


The person who answered the phone may have believed that Hart said “Nigel,” confusing him for another regular, she says, although “Brandon” sounds nothing like the name. “Maybe it was a prank call to make us look bad,” suggests the employee.


Lan told Fox 5 the customer spelled out his name and the restaurant copied it down. But Hart told the station he did not say the slur, only his first name.


The employee tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Hart didn’t say anything about the receipt when he picked up his food. People have been calling Eddie’s to make death threats, although Lan made an apology to Fox 5.

这名员工告诉雅虎生活频道,当哈特拿走食物时,他对收据只字未提。尽管店主兰向Fox 5频道道歉,但人们还是打电话到Eddie 's餐厅,发出死亡威胁。


译文来源:三泰虎     http://www.santaihu.com/47736.html    译者:Joyceliu



Why did the news show the receipt to customers outside? I thought the local news was supposed to unbiased but they believed his word instead of the Chinese restaurant saying he spelled it.




If you watch the news report of Fox 5 ...extremely believable that is was a prank to get some publicity . First of all how was his order even looked up ? Clearly not by the name . Second how would the clerk know his race by a phone call. Owner mentions that they usually spell out the name as they are typing it in . If it’s mispronounce and spelled out for some people it’s hard to connect right away . Like say ( yes) now add an e before it and pronounce it .




If it was a phone order....how would the restaurant employee know....and why would he type it on the order? Sounds like the customer spelled it to someone with limited English skills to get publicity....and it worked.



Lord Vader

Hmm...I can see this person taking advantage of the fact that the restaurant employees English isn't so great. He's a regular patron. I'm sure he's looked at the receipt before and saw they put his name on them. Sounds like it was knowingly done for attention, ala Jussie Smollett style.




I believe the restaurant owner on this. I believe the customer spelled it wrong on purpose, maybe as a joke to see what would happen or to play victim and sue later.




I was a foreign exchange student in 1970. I made a language and a cultural error that sounded inappropriate--which was not my intent--but someon privately explained them to me later. Until then, nobody made a big deal about them, and nobody thought my actions were purposeful.



Ocasio Cortez eats paint chips11 hours ago

$50 says it was a prank phone call and the person is trying to cash in. These people at the restaurant barely speak English. They probably have no idea how to even spell the word. And they certainly wouldn't knowingly print it on paper!




The Media needs to remove the blur from that image so we can all make sure that is what was actually spelled and no just take their word for it!




let me fix this headline.... man spells the n word as his name, to race bait.

Its called Smollet disease. He spelled the name like they said, he picked up food with his receipt, threw a fit about it, made sure the news heard about it and boom... 5 minutes of fame.





If someone speaks English as a second language and comes from another culture I can see how this mistake could be easily made. Always give people the benefit of the doubt till they prove to you otherwise.




How could they know on a phone order what someone looked like? Yahoo! News needs to give Brandon Hart a call. Reminds me of the guys who were videoing the Chipotle manager for making them pay up front and claimed racism. Further investigation of the guy's Twitter account finds episodes of him talking about his "dine and dash" exploits. I have a feeling a little digging will find much.



MEEEJ11 hours ago

It is possible the guy saw the struggling asian as a target? The guy can't understand english, so i'll spell out the N-word adn see if it shows up on a reciept, so I can make a big deal out of it and get my name in the news. It's quite possible.



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