Nurse ‘killed 300 patients’. Why did no one stop him?



OLDENBURG (GERMANY): The new nurse arrived at the ICU of Delmenhorst hospital with a letter of reference, describing him as someone who worked “independently and conscientiously”. In a crisis, it said, he reacted “with consideration” and was “technically correct”.

奥尔登堡(德国): 这位护士曾带着一封推荐信来到德尔曼霍斯特某医院的ICU病房,信上称他是一个“独立、尽责”的人。

It gave no indication that officials at his former hospital in Oldenburg had grown suspicious about the number of deaths while the nurse, Niels Hogel, was on duty. Or that they had barred him from contact with patients and effectively pushed him out. Before long, similar suspicions arose at Delmenhorst. Within four months, a patient, Brigitte A, died under his care. Others, Hans S, Christoph K and Josef Z, followed.

这位护士尼尔斯·霍格尔以前在奥尔登堡的医院工作,医院领导对其值班时的死亡人数产生了怀疑。医院禁止他与病人接触,实际上等于把他赶了出去。不久,德尔曼霍斯特的医院也产生了类似的怀疑,不到四个月,病人布丽奇特在他的照料下去世了, 汉斯·S、克里斯托弗·K和约瑟夫·Z相继去世。

Today, Hogel, 42, is considered the most prolific serial killer in the history of peacetime Germany, and perhaps in the world. Officials suspect that as many as 300 patients may have died by his hand over five years starting in 2000.


Still, it took more than a decade for a full investigation by the authorities, who exhumed more than 130 bodies in Germany, Poland and Turkey as they struggled to define the scope of his crimes. Hogel has admitted to killing 43 people, has not ruled out killing 52 others and denied killing five.


The number of killings and the amount of time it took for suspicions surrounding his actions to come to light have raised uncomfortable questions for Germany, including whether the same deference to hierarchy and predilection for procedure that once facilitated Nazi-era crimes allowed Hogel to kill uninterrupted for so long.


“If it is possible that in Germany more than 300 deaths over 15 years can be swept under the carpet, what else is possible?” said Christian Marbach, whose grandfather was a victim of Hogel.


According to Frank Lauxtermann, the only ex-colleague who testified openly about working alongside Hogel, “A culture of looking away and keeping your head down” ultimately shielded the suspect. Hogel is serving a life sentence for murdering two patients and playing a role in the killing of four others. The current trial is his third since 2006. This time, he faces charges of killing 100 more patients.



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Manoj • xx • 3 hours ago

Still better than Rajiv Gandhi who killed 1000s of sikhs.



Rop Hod • Haryana • 2 hours ago

This is being done in Indian hospitals for decades now. Fortunately for them.the bodies are cremated.



Himalaya Kumar • Peaceful Earth for Humans • 3 hours ago

There are some pseudo minded illiterates who are posting unnecessary political comments in such a sad news articles. God give them some humanity.



Nitin • 2 hours ago

rubbish article with no sense.

垃圾文章, 毫无意义。

Nitin M • 2 hours ago

why does it look rubbish to you ? can you please give reason



Sunil • 2 hours ago

we also have a butcher who killed 3,000 in 2002



Mathew Joseph • 2 hours ago

It is very sad that we lost our ability to analyse a news item without relating it to gandhis and modis.



Dean • traveller • 3 hours ago

this killer is a mental patient!! what can you do with mentals? just put them in permanent confinement!! however how he managed to kill so many without arising suspicion needs to be probed and corrective measures should be taken to avoid similar fatalities.

这个杀手是个精神病!! 判终身监禁!!



Bharat • 2 hours ago

Is he a bjp fan



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