Can Narendra Modi make India a superpower?



Vinodh Gopal, Trying to be just a Piece of Life

You remember those times when whole India worshiped Sachin Tendulkar and he was absolutely the best, an incredible sportsman, highly skilled, passionate about India and put India on the map....

Now rewind and think about those times, whether India was on the top of ODI rankings, Test rankings, did we win the World Cup, hell did we at least get into Top three performing teams in the world... None of it happened...

It took many different players slowly forming part of the team, handling different aspects of the game, development of true & genuine international performers to change our cricketing history.

In fact, it took so many years for even the Indian fans to stop worshiping Tendulkar and start worshiping brand "INDIA" (How many people turned their TV off once Sachin got out, when did it change?)

Only after there were handful of performers we managed to get to the finals once and eventually a decade later won the World Cup, not with a single star performer but a whole team of fairly good performers.






The same is true for the country as well. Narendra Modi's job will be to inspire people to start participating in the country's development, that's all he can do. Unless or otherwise, many other people with same level of integrity & passion crop up in the ministry, in the states, in the local municipality, we will just be a country who made too much noise with no real substance.

We tend to forget that we are in a Democracy, we still think like a Feudalistic society hoping that there will be some Hero who will magically appear and make miracles happen (Too much of movies!!!).

when we do and when we start seeing questions on quora such as 'What I need to do to make India progress?' will be the day India will truly start it's journey.

Short answer: No... Narendra Modi cannot take India to the top but he can inspire us to get off our asses and do something.






Pundrik Shah, lives in India

Originally Answered: Would India become a superpower, if Modi were to rule for the next 20 years?


India cannot become a superpower even if Mr. Modi were to be PM for the next 40 years until we - the people of India - do not understand and accept that he alone can not change India.

He (being the PM of our nation) can pick up a broom and show us that there is nothing shameful in taking a broom in our hand to keep our motherland clean.

Shouldn't we help him at least by NOT littering around?

He can show his dedication towards the development of India by working for 18 hours in a day!

Can we not dedicate a small amount of time in helping the underprivileged?

He can show us that he's trying to bring back black money by bringing back Rs. 3770 crore.

Shouldn't we stop stashing away black money (income not declared for tax purposes)

His cabinet ministers (Sushma Swaraj & Suresh Prabhu - helping people using twitter) can show us the power of digital India.

Shouldn't we try to utilize this power like Mr. Imran Khan did?

Mr. Imran Khan has created 42 apps on various education subjects, these are being used by 2.5 million people, he could have easily generated money from it, but he chose to donate it to the Ministry of HRD. Saying he wants the student of India to profit.

Not NaMo, no leader can change India if we - Indians - don't accept our roles in the development.

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他的内阁部长们(Sushma Swaraj & Suresh Prabhu——通过推特帮助人民),向我们展示数字印度的力量。





Prasanth Valsan K, Not a Bhakt, not a Congress supporter

The Chinese started their reform in 1976. They have been the fastest growing major economy for decades. Even now, they are not a superpower. It is going to take India a very long time to become an economic power.

If by superpower, if you mean like an unchallenged military power like the US, then no. Neither China nor India is going to replace the US as the pre-eminent global military power. The reasons like in geography:

1 The US has geography in its favor. It has access to the Pacific and the Atlantic and through them, access to the biggest economies of Asia (China, Japan, South Korea etc), access to Australia, economies of Western Europe and resource rich Africa.





2 The US has weak peripheral neighbors. The US is the only nuclear weapon state in the North and South American continents. None of its neighbours have territorial disputes with the US. Contrast this with India and China. India has to deal with Pakistan and China, two nuclear armed hostile nations. China has to deal with India, Japan, unstable nuclear armed North Korea, and Russia.The US can easily exploit these rivalries, sell arms to those countries and even establish bases in those countries. No country in the Western hemisphere is going to have a Chinese military base. The Soviets tried to put missiles in Cuba in the 60s, it almost led to WW3.

3 The home front of the US is secure, both internally and externally.... India has to deal with Kashmir, Punjab, NE movements and the Maoist insurgency. The more you are bogged down with internal problems, the less time and resources you have for external power projection.

So, unless the US does something incredibly stupid or unless an asteroid from outer space destroys the US, no country is going to replace it as the preeminent military power in the foreseeable future. India and China can become economic powers and prosperous nations, provided we do not kill each other first.





Rajagopalan K Suryanarayan, Political analyst

Originally Answered: Is Narendra Modi transforming India into a superpower nation?


1.Indian Military has undergone a major transformation under Modi. Within a short period of three years he has equipped our defence with equipment of latest equipment. He has also given a go ahead to manufacture equipments of cutting edge technology by foreign corporate bigwigs. He has given freehand for the army to deal with the enemies in LOC. He also has given them access to talk to him at any time regarding matters concerning the defence of the nation. He has raised the morale of our services. His singular act of conducting Surgical Strike which can be rated as par excellence has made the army and the nation proud. The recent stand offs with China on Doklam, and his firm stand has infused a sense of admiration for Modi’s leadership. Even China is afraid of proceeding further against India. If he is elected again in 2019, he will make India self sufficient in defence production and make our forces the best in the world.

2.Foreign Policies of Modi government is one of the best. His neighbors first policy by developing cordial relations with our neighborhood has resulted in good to cordial relations with Burma, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka. Though the relationship with Pakistan and China is not so cordial. Modi has established very good friendly relationships with all major and minor powers both economically and militarily. The diplomacy of India is at its peak now.



3.Economically India is in a sweet spot. Over the last three by ears of his vtenure, Modi has given a GDP growth which of 7.3% in 2015, 7.6% in 2016 and 7.4% in 2017 which is highest for any major economy. The stock exchange is showing growth with sensex and nifty registering a new peak. The inflation is lowest hovering around 4.5%. Export is showing positive growth in the last quarter of last year. Indian currency is hardening against US dollar. India recieved Foreign Direct Investments of $63 billion in 2015-16, and $60.01 billion in 2016-17 which Nissan highest for any country including China and US. All economic indicators are showing positive results which clearly elicits that India is on a right track. Also to be noted is his inclusive economy by bringing 28 crore poor by opening bank accounts for them.

4.Infrastructure development has attained greater speed under Modi government. Road construction which was six Kms per day has picked up speed to 23 Kms., per day. The Railways has undergone a sea change in its working, increased speed of the trains, it's infrastructure with great modification in the style of the coaches, the bio toilets, solar powered trains, cleanliness of the stations, trains etc. The smart city concept which is picking speed and acceptance among the public are some of the infrastructural programs not Modi.

5.Narendra Modi is definitely transforming the nation for the better. All the activities are going on a fast b feverish pitch. Once these are realized India is sure to become a power b to recon with.





Kaushal Piruka, Independent Writer at Self-Employment (2013-present)

Yes, he definitely can.

I can support my answer by telling how his team has already started.

Piyush Goyal, Minister of State with Independent Charge for Power, Coal, New, and Renewable Energy

He recently launched the Grameen Vidyutikaran Android app, which lets anyone track the progress in the field of rural electrification in India through a real-time dashboard.

The dashboard presents the total number of un-electrified villages, and details the status of the un-electrified villages and the work in progress – whether they’ve been surveyed, or if work has yet to start.

Can you imagine a minister saying hold us accountable?

Smriti Irani, Human Resource Development minister

In line with the Modi government’s Digital India initiative, the HRD minister has launched a number of mobile apps and web-based platforms allowing students to access study material online, and parents to keep a track of the performance and attendance of their children. She has also launched initiatives like website ‘E-pathshala’ and Saransh.


负责电力、煤炭、新能源和可再生能源的国务部长皮尤什·戈亚尔最近推出了Grameen Vidyutikaran Android应用程序,任何人都可以通过实时仪表盘跟踪印度农村电气化领域的进展。


人力资源开发部长Smriti Irani



General (Retd) V K Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs

Like a true soldier, the minister successfully led a rescue operation for the evacuation of stranded Indians in Yemen.

"I salute General V.K. Singh. Can you imagine? Bombardment is going on in Yemen 24-hours; everybody is out to kill each other and we, after talking to so many countries, manage to stop this mayhem for two hours to evacuate as many Indians as possible. It is not a small task,” PM Modi had said.

India’s successful evacuation of its citizens from war-torn Yemen also received global accolades.

Following it, around 26 countries including the US, France, Germany, Egypt, Singapore, Iraq and Lebanon, sought the Indian government’s assistance in the rescue efforts.

There were also reports that suggest Mr Singh was in Indonesia right before the arrest of Chhota Rajan. If reports are to be believed, he has played a role in the arrest.








Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs

She played a key role in bringing back Geeta, the deaf-mute Indian woman living in Pakistan after accidentally crossing the border over a decade ago, to India.




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