Is India stronger than China?(3)



Shreekanth Prabhu

Originally Answered: Who is stronger, India or China?

Economically if you go by the size of GDP, China has 4 times that of India (at least). But per-capita income-wise China is not in the league of developed nations. China also has lot of poor people. . Again Militarily China is stronger and it has made greater progress in manufacturing itself. India has many Corporations which can be global companies on their own. China essentially has been a value-adder. India has greater head-room to show its mettle in research as well. India needs to play to its strength. If India can get rid of its legacy systems and mind-set India can lead.




Vdhay Kumar N, Consultant at Oil and Gas Industry (2017-present)

Is India stronger than China?

thanks for A2A

Strength is just a perspective, England is so small and with limited population and monarchy but you can remember how it played a big role in colonization and world history.

Russia and USA, they too with minimum population are so much forward and protect their very long borders with available manpower.

Hope India will go ahead with more of works and not words.







Akshay Rathore, IFS(PROBATION) at MP Forest Department (2018-present)

Originally Answered: China or India, who is stronger?

Economically china's GDP is far more than india's. Social and health indicators viz infant mortality rate , maternal mortality rates , life expectancy, human development index value , proportion of poor's etc. Politically China is permanent member of UN security council so he has special veto power which India has not. Strategically and militarily China has upper hand in both conventional and unconventional warheads. So right now India is not at par with China. But we can because of our favourable demography and resources.




Sulav Karki

Originally Answered: Who is more powerful between India and China?

It’s a relative question. Both India and China are huge Countries with more than a billion people, Both have large armies although China has more and is more advanced and Both have nuclear weapons. India and China have actually fought already back in 1962 in which India lost but if a full fledged invasion were to happen, i don’t think there would be any clear winners and all losers. Economically, of course China is more powerful than India, in terms of military as well China is more powerful.




Yoginder Sharma, former War veteran- lost leg in 71; later GOC in C. at Indian Army (1955-1994)

Sure, for an Indian, India must always seem stronger and better.

But, seriously, how does one compare 'relative-strengths’ of the two most populous countries in the world? Is it a straight-line mathematical count of Military strengths. In that respect, China wins!

But, in the nuclear context, that is a simplistic way! Beyond the minimum-deterrence and assured second-strike capability, nuclear build-up is an overkill. Both are thus evenly balanced, by that bottom-line nuclear criteria!

At the geo-strategic level China has made a huge headway in the fields of Infrastructural development, cyber warfare, strategic-reserves and power-projection, and in its Complete National Power!

In all these, it is already in the super-power league, while we are still a developing regional power. However, a Sino-Indian conflict cannot remain contained, it will escalate into a global conflict, hence the importance of creating countervailing alliances.

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Yes, I give a example.




This is where I just walked by. You see there are no skyscrapers, shitty place indeed. Even police patrol is needed to ensure no one will protest against the government. Sad!

Mumbai is indeed far better.





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