RBI Governor says India's economy needs to grow even faster



India’s central bank chief said the expansion of the world’s fastest-growing major economy needs to pick up to around 8 percent to deal with poverty and other challenges.


While the past few years’ average growth of around 7.5 percent was impressive, “the expectation is India can be better," Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das said at an International Monetary Fund event in Washington on Friday. He also said more structural reforms were needed in areas such as land and labor.

周五,在国际货币基金组织在华盛顿举行的一场活动上,印度央行行长达斯(Shaktikanta Das)表示,尽管过去几年的印度GDP平均增长率约为7.5%,令人印象深刻,但"预期增速会更高。"他还表示,需要在土地和劳动力等领域进行更多的结构性改革。

India is expected to post real economic growth of 7.2 percent in the 2019-2020 fiscal year, and is seeing below-target inflation even as rising oil prices add an upside risk, the governor said. Still, he added that the inflationary impact from spikes in crude -- India’s biggest import -- can be exaggerated.


“If there is a temporary spike of oil prices and again it comes down, then obviously the impact gets moderated," Das said. Any “sustained increase in crude prices will definitely have an impact on inflation, but we have to see how sustained it is.”


Higher oil prices over the longer term may hurt India’s growth as well as its current account deficit, factors which would drag the rupee down. The recent oil spike is occurring against a backdrop of consumption suffering from a crisis in the shadow banking sector and exports stagnating amid a global slowdown -- all of which has seen India’s growth prospects dim.


The RBI reduced interest rates by a quarter-percentage point last week, the second cut in as many meetings chaired by Das who took charge in December after Urjit Patel’s sudden resignation. Despite the easing, the central bank still retained its neutral policy stance.

印度央行上周降息25个基点,这是继乌尔吉特•帕特尔(Urjit Patel)突然辞职后,由达斯主导的第二次降息。尽管放松了货币政策,印度央行仍然保持中立的政策立场。

"Our priority is to remain watchful and take coordinated action to revive growth, and maintain macroeconomic, financial and price stability," he said in Washington.


The central bank last week lowered the growth forecast for the fiscal year that began April 1 to 7.2 percent from 7.4 percent seen previously. It also expects headline inflation and underlying price pressures to remain subdued in coming months, giving it some more room to lower rates.


India has one of the highest real rates of interest in Asia and that’s often been cited as a reason why investors hold back.



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Anubhav m

This is What One is waiting to hear “The basic “Actionable Plans, Series of” Steps and Measures” from RBI Governor and Finance Ministry instead of Vague ambiguous announcement and statements. Govt has spoken enough in its Election Manifesto let us hope it is able to keep its Promises



chowkidar shilpy shilpy

5 hours ago

yes, nice post. one thing the stakeholders can do is pay all taxes due honestly, in time. do you agree, ashok ji?



Ajit Grewal

8 hours ago

what a genious SIR JEE. First figure out what is the actual rate at which India is growing on account of demonetization and GST .




8 hours ago

Japan grew fast because all Japanese took it upon themselves to make country economically strong and did not waste time and energy criticizing and commenting everybody and everything.




9 hours ago

What are engines od growth ? The obvious engine I can think of is the infrastruture. Build roads , highways etc. What other engines are there ? What do we produce that can be exported in vast quantities ? cheap clothes ? (vietnam, indonesia does it ) manufactured goods ? (china does it ) . It would be eye opening for entreprenuers if they could tell us the industries we should focus and concentrate on. Will they do it ? Or just say we need to grow 8% arbitrarily and hope some how the people will move in that direction. Give us the some real pointers.



Shaleen Tripathi

10 hours ago

Fiscal pridence/policy can give effective push to Economy ,RBI has little role to play



Pradeep Rao

11 hours ago

With higher inflation rate any one can achieve higher gdp...it’s happening since 1947.. high inflation, currency devaluations, budget deficit, corruption and poverty.. what we need is better system which consider tax payer than business class.. because ultimately tax payers suffer..



Jawahar Thadhani

12 hours ago

Spoken like a genius!Everybody knows that the economy must grow faster, but not by fudging figures.The RBI governor must recommend a strategy for faster growth!!The problem is no renowned economist wants to head RBI in view of govt interferance.They havve to fall back on babus who can only toe the govt line



Sudip Bhowmik

12 hours ago

Our beloved Modi is God.



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