China-wary India OKs 56 new warships, 6 new subs in 10 years


NEW DELHI: India may not be the economic powerhouse that China is, but has plans under way to counter the latter's expanding strategic footprint in Indian Ocean Region (IOR). With Chinese warships and submarines making regular forays into the region, the government has given initial approvals for construction of 56 new warships and six submarines for the Indian Navy over the next decade.


The Navy, which currently has 140 warships and 220 aircraft, already has 32 warships under construction in domestic shipyards at a total cost of Rs 1.26 lakh crore to replace its aging fleets and plug operational gaps.


But it will take long-term dedicated funding, especially since the annual defence budget has not registered any tangible hike for the last five years, to ensure the Navy comes anyway close to its original target of becoming a 212-warship and 458-aircraft force by 2027.


But Admiral Sunil Lanba, speaking ahead of Navy Day on Tuesday, is confident of tackling an aggressive and expansionist China in India's own strategic backyard. "We have overwhelming superiority over Pakistan in all domains at sea. In the case of China, with the forces it can currently bring to bear in the IOR, the balance of power is in our favour. Similarly, of course, the balance of power in South China Sea will be in China's favour," he said.


"The entire world's attention is focused on IOR, where our Navy is increasingly seen as a net security provider. Our maritime security strategy is aimed at providing a maritime environment that is free from all forms of traditional and non-traditional threats to our national development," added the Navy chief.




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KONFUCIUS KEN - 1 day ago -Follow

It is not( NOT) eye on CHINA! India needs that many warships to protect her vast coastline and commercial shipping routes( especially oil supply) in the Indian Ocean. Piracy and terrorism are current threats from failed states in Africa and Asia. It will be an eyeopener if one reads history and finds out that JAPAN in World War 2(1940-45) had 24 Aircraft Carriers all of which were sunk in combat despite Japanese professionalism. The German U Boats or submarines are another reality which sank 1000s of tons of shipping in the same period. India needs these modern day warships in time if she has to " protect " herself adequately.



ashish kumar - LOCATION - 1 day ago -Follow

this is the thinking of bjp for india and congress was busy in keeping its supporters happy as the head are italian member since independence, why will they care for india and this is the sole reason for indias backwardness and country like china glaring with roaring eyes on india in dominating manner, now as india is cruising in defence in international level, china and pakistan are getting more and more havoc



Sujatha Kornengattil - 1 day ago -Follow

Long Live Indian Navy! Jai Hind.



Ashok Kamath - Udupi - 1 day ago -Follow

We need stronger India so that no country can can afford to play with us.



Rohit - 1 day ago -Follow

We need to protect our vast coastal line



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