日本人如何看中国,日网民: 影响力一直比我们高

What do the Japanese think about China?




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Mizumoto Kovia (水本 こびあ)

China is a country of romantic longing for me.

I’m around forties now, I have been watching Chinese romantic programs frequently on television from I was a little boy.

There was a "Godaigo" (the Japanese rock band), and they were singing a song of "西遊記ーMagic monkey " .I felt “It’s very cool”.youtube here:Monkey Magic





Also, I remember that the TV program of “Silk Road” did with NHK and it was a little boom in 80’s Japanese society.

When I got a little bigger, I learned "漢詩ーChinese poetry" at school. I was impressed by the incomparable beauty of that character world what never experienced.

Even now I am proud that "漢字ーKanji" are the most beautiful character in the world!!

Then I wached many wonderful Chinese films. I became a fan of Chinese movies.



即使现在我依然很自豪,“漢字ー汉字”是世界上最美丽的文字! !



“Last emperor” by Bernardo Bertolucci,成龍-Jackie Chan, 張 芸謀-Zhang Yimou and 王家衛- Wong Kar Wai movies were all very excellent.

A Chinese friend of mine was also made at a hotel in Tokyo at a part-time job.we played a parody of politicians of each other, played a jokes at work, went to a hospital when he became sick, we were good friends.



Compared with Korean culture, Korean culture is much modern,sharp and Westernize, Chinese culture has traditional,relaxed sweetness and sentimental feeling for me.

Even above the newspaper and this Quora, there are various political problems between China and Japan, but as an individual one has a sense of affinity and respect.




David A. LaSpina, lives in Japan

What does a group of people think about another group of people? Answer: everything!


  • Some Japanese don't think much of China (mainly right-wingers).
  • Some Japanese think China is a powder-keg and will self-destruct or at least fall into civil war (some Japanese have been thinking this for many decades).
  • Some Japanese like China but worry about the go--ent of China.
  • Some Japanese love Chinese history and have general positive feelings about the country.
  • Some Japanese love kung-fu films and think everyone in China is secretly a martial arts master.
  • 一些日本人不觉得中国好(主要是右翼分子)。
  • 一些日本人认为中国是个火药桶,会自毁或至少陷入内战(一些日本人几十年来一直这么想)。
  • 一些日本人喜欢中国
  • 一些日本人热爱中国历史,对中国有积极的感受。
  • 一些日本人热爱中国功夫电影,认为每个中国人私底下都是武术大师。

And on and on. You will find as many opinions as there are people.

Based on all the Japanese I have talked to in my ten years in country and all I've seen and read, I might offer a general answer is:



Japanese like China and the Chinese people in general (though they think they are often rude/loud/selfish), but aren't so happy about the Chinese go-nt and wish they would stop bringing up WW2 so often*. They worry about pollution from China and complain endlessly about Chinese sand (Asian Dust). They love Chinese food but think it's too oily. They worry about industry jobs leaving this country for that one. They admire traditional Chinese wisdom and everyone knows someone who swears Chinese medicine is much better than Western medicine. They think the language is crazy difficult.


Now note, these are just my ideas as I sum up everything I've heard, read, seen, etc, in my time here. I do not claim to speak for the Japanese themselves nor could I, since (as I mentioned above) everyone has a different opinion and there is no collective single viewpoint.



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