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Comparing the Russian and Chinese economies, the Russian economy is heavily dependent on natural resource exports, while the Chinese economy is more d




Tatyana Astakhova
Answered Jul 23, 2018

In China, people who care about the technical development of the country rule because they understand that this is the Force.
And in Russia there is a bunch of oligarchs, for whom the Russian ethnos are strangers. They just pump out resources and they do not care about the development of the country.



Greg Kemnitz
Answered Jul 21, 2018

The “China model” started out with Deng Xiaoping’s “Cat doctrine” rejection of doctrinaire Communism - “it doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, if it catches mice, it’s a good cat” - and started following the export-driven industrialization path established by Japan, South Korea, and especially the ethnic Chinese areas of Taiwan and Hong Kong, and - a bit later - Singapore. None of these areas has much of anything in natural resources, either because they’re physically very small, or are resource-poor volcanic rocks in the sea.



Dima Vorobiev, I worked for Soviet propaganda
Answered Jul 18, 2018

Dima Vorobiev,我曾为苏联宣传部门工作

China was a settled agricultural civilization with several thousands years of written history, cultural continuity and managerial traditions beneath its belt.
Russia was a colonization project of a small group of state/military aristocracy. The wealth of our civilization most of the time was dependent not on the labor of peasants toiling the land, or the skills of state managers organizing their work, but on expanding territories and pumping them for pelts, honey, wax, slaves, timber and mineral resources.


Which is why the primary application the Chinese found for the modern technology has been manufacturing. While we predictably prefer to use it for export-oriented extractive industries, as well as for producing weapons and other means of defending the perimeter. The strategic advantage of the Chinese is their vast pool of hard-working, still relatively inexpensive workforce. Our strategic advantage is our vast expanses with an immense wealth hidden beneath them. They specialize on what they do best, we capitalize on what the nature has given us.


The poster below is from the 1970s. It hails the construction of the export pipeline Urengoi-Pomary-Uzhgorod from West Sibiria to Europe. The rhymed text says: “We’re honored by the Motherland’s order—we’ll deliver the Siberian gas on schedule!” During its first decades, the Soviet rule made the most determined effort ever of modernizing Russia and diversifying our economy. However, a combination of the worsening economic ineffectiveness and the discovery of massive exportable petroleum deposits in Siberia in the 1960s increasingly have been dragging us back into the old paradigm of extractive economy.



Randall Burns, BA Economics, University of Chicago (1981)
Answered Jul 18, 2018

Randall Burns,芝加哥大学经济学学士(1981)

China has a huge population. The reason is that China has land that with the right irrigation infrastructure in place is productive enough to support a substantial population.
China vs Russia: Agriculture Facts and Stats

参阅《中国 VS 俄罗斯:农业现况与统计》
http://www.nationmaster.com/coun ... /Russia/Agriculture

China has more than twice as much agricultural land in production as Russia, even though Russia as a lot more overall land. However, Russia has more land area and with that comes a lot of mineral wealth.
The only way for China to develop economically is value added activities like manufacturing. Russia has other options.
Russia tried hard to develop a manufacturing economy, but had some real problems in that process when it went much beyond their military infrastructure.


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