reddit: 为什么这里的人总是吃火锅、烧烤或麻辣香锅?

Posted byu/supercharged0708 2 hours ago
I don’t get it whenever coworkers or girlfriends friends get together and decide where to go to eat it’s always the same foods...hot pot BBQ or ma la xiang guo. We always go to different restaurants but its always the same fucking variety of these 3 foods.

我不明白,每当和同事或女友的朋友们聚在一起决定要去哪吃什么时, 他们最后总是选择同样的食物.....像是火锅、烧烤或麻辣香锅。我们总是去不同的饭馆,但丫的每次吃得都是这三种中的其中一种。

EDIT: I’m in Beijing so it’s not like in Tier 88 where there’s a shortage of variety or in Chengdu where everything is spicy.





marmakoide 28 points·2 hours ago
Because those dishes are all about being around together they are cheap and familiar.


[I suggested Mexican food (really want some enchiladas) or some Indian food (vindaloo) and I get laughed at.]
Those tends to be way more expensive options and out of the zone of comfort ie. foreign food. It seems in China people tends to be very wary of getting out of their zone of comfort.


[why do they always have to eat spicy food?]
For the same reason that some cultures spray everything with cheese or fish sauce or deep-fry all the things. Habit custom zone of comfort


enxiongenxiong United States 10 points·2 hours ago
Just dont go with them


TheSamePants 20 points·2 hours ago
I’d argue that the same thing happens back where I come from. Hamburgers and pizza dude.


TorontoIslandsMusic 6 points·1 hour ago
Some people just want to eat chicken fingers and fries for lunch everyday.


TheSamePants 3 points·1 hour ago
Good for healthy.



kanada_kid 7 points·1 hour ago·edited 39 minutes ago
If you want enchilidas so badly go get them. Why do you have to eat what your coworkers and girlfriends friends are eating? Dont you have your own friends? Usually people go to a restausurant based on who is paying. If the person paying wants y then it is rude to tell them you dont want y but x. Consider inviting out the people you want to eat with if you want to choose where to eat.


Why does everyone here always eat hot pot BBQ or ma la xiang guo?
Last time I ate mala xiangguo was 2 years ago and I was alone. My guess is that the dish is popular in the city you are in. You are in Chengdu?


[Also why do they always have to eat spicy food?]
Because the geographical location you reside in is use to eating it? A lot of Chinese people find American Chinese food too sweet. It is this way because A) it was primarily Guangdong immigrants who first came to America and B) it is catered to American tastes. I dont go to Iceland and then complain about how they are always eating fish.


dandmcd United States 8 points·2 hours ago
Hot pot and BBQ is cheap shit that can be shared in a social gathering. Since a lot of young Chinese are not into or can't afford the bars or clubs and don't have much money on their pathetic office drone paychecks these are the grease pits they opt to instead to hang out.


Indian and Mexican food costs 3 to 4 times as much in China maybe you are rolling in the Happy Giraffe dough but your coworkers sure as hell are not.


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