reddit: 中国人实际上比西方人更易受寒冷影响吗?


Posted byu/duck_duck_goose1991 14 hours ago
Summer has finally hit and whilst the weather has been nice recently I know by the end of the month I'll be trying to claw off my skin thanks to the humidity and 35℃+.


At work I am in a constant battle with my coworkers regarding the the AC remote because none of them seem to be dying as much as I am. My boyfriend (who is Chinese) is constantly turning off the AC when I'm asleep and insists it's just too cold as opposed to the standard thing of thinking AC is unhealthy.


I'm British/Dutch which might play a part in it because the weather isn't great in both of those countries- Yet here people are layered up beyond recognition come winter time whilst I'm happy with a scarf and a jacket.


I've had many discussions with Chinese friends about this and they are sure that Western bodies are different. Is there any scientific evidence behind Asians being more sensitive to the cold or should I get my thyroids checked out?




UnCachoDePizza 17 points·13 hours ago
I’ve lost that battle a long time ago. I just use a meeting room as my office sorry not sorry.


duck_duck_goose1991 11 points·13 hours ago(贴主)
I've been doing the exact same and I'm convinced people think there is something wrong with me. They keep patting me on the back and telling me things will get better soon.
They're not wrong winter will come eventually


Gish21 Japan 18 points·12 hours ago
They're not wrong winter will come eventually
Then all the windows will be open while everyone wears their parkas and gloves inside. There's no winning


duck_duck_goose1991 2 points·11 hours ago
When that happens I just think about the summer and nothing feels cold any more


BlazeMiskulin United States 17 points·13 hours ago
My guess is that you're in the mid-to-southern part of China (Shanghai is basically sub-tropical). Talk to Chinese from the north and they'll bitch about this stuff too.
I've a few friends from Harbin (I'm from Wisconsin) and we feel the same way about southerners and the weather.

我猜你在中国的中南部(上海基本上属于亚热带地区)。 与中国的北方人交谈,他们也对这类事情有牢骚。我有一些来自哈尔滨的朋友(我来自威斯康星州),我们对南方人和天气持同感。

duck_duck_goose1991 7 points·11 hours ago
Very correct. I spend every day questioning my choice to move here when it's summer


Dorigoon 4 points·11 hours ago
Plenty of northerners hate the AC too. I gave up on having the AC on in my office and they even bitch about having a fan blow on them sometimes. Have taken to often just sitting in my car with the AC on when not otherwise busy.


Hautamaki Canada 5 points·9 hours ago·edited 9 hours ago
Ehhh my mil is native dongbei and she keeps the indoor temperature at 26 C while wearing her woolen pants and heavy sweater. When she visits us obviously we don't put the heat at 26 C but she cannot even sleep at 22 C so we had to get her an electric heated blanket to keep her warm enough to sleep in bed at 22 C.



TYT518 1 point·11 hours ago
You grow up in a cold environment you get used to the cold vice-versa.
I'm from the north and I loath the summer. Autumn and Winter all the time please!


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