America’s self-defeating quest for global supremacy


By KEN MOAK JULY 10, 2018 9:20 PM (UTC+8)
作者:KEN MOAK ,2018年7月10日

US President Donald Trump’s trade war against China (and the world) might not be his decision alone. Previous administrations, the US Congress and neoconservatives have made preventing any nation from challenging US supremacy their business. In this regard, this author was wrong in predicting that Trump would not follow through with the trade war threat because it would cause unthinkable damage to the economies of the US, China and the world.



However, concern over China’s rise, particularly on the technological front, has unnerved not only the US president but members of Congress, the neoconservatives and the majority of the public. China’s industrial blueprint, “Made in China 2025,” is fast narrowing the technological gap and indeed the Asian giant might surpass America in some areas: fast computing, high-speed railway, artificial intelligence and driverless cars.


China might be nearing “peer level” in military technology. Though still behind the US in terms of firepower, China has the weapons systems needed to kill Americans and destroy property on a large scale. Contrary to US Republican Lindsay Graham’s claim that the war will be fought “over there” in a June 8 Fox News Face the Nation interview, a US-China military conflict will be fought on American as well as Chinese soil.

中国在军事技术方面可能已经接近“同行水平 ”,尽管在火力方面仍落后于美国,但中国拥有大规模杀伤美国人和摧毁美国军事设施所需的武器系统,与美国共和党人林赛·格雷厄姆在6月8日在福克斯新闻面向全国的采访中声称的“在战线之外”作战的说法相反,美中军事冲突将不仅在中国的土地上进行,也会在美国进行。

On the financial front, the Chinese currency is becoming increasingly internationalized. It was included in the IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket, effectively making the yuan a world reserve currency. China has also established the “petro-yuan,” allowing other countries to trade oil in yuan, undermining the power and influence of the greenback.

在金融方面,人民币正日益国际化。它被纳入国际货币基金组织特别提款权( SDR) 一篮子计划,有效地使人民币成为世界储备货币,中国还设立了“ 石油人民币”,允许其他国家以人民币交易石油,削弱了美元的力量和影响力。

For these reasons, the “Chinese threat” rhetoric has turned into a reality, prompting Trump to label China as the country’s long-term “imminent threat.” That is why the US is not only mounting a trade war against China but playing the Taiwan card and challenging the Asian power in the South China Sea.


Trump is not alone in itching for a war, either a trade or a military one, against China, which explains why he followed through with his trade war threat against the country. Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Republican Senators Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio and others might be even more hawkish than Trump regarding China, judging from these lawmakers’ relentless China-bashing rants printed in the media.

无论是贸易战争还是军事战争,特朗普并不是唯一渴望对中国发动战争的人,这解释了他为何坚持对中国进行贸易战威胁的原因,党参议院少数党领袖查克 · 舒默,共和党参议员林赛·格雷厄姆、马尔科·卢比奥等人对中国的态度可能比特朗普更强硬,从这些议员在媒体上大肆抨击中国的言论中就可以看出这一点。

Trump’s support base, farmers and laid-off factory workers and miners in the “rust belt” states elected him in part for his anti-China rhetoric, despite the fact that the trade war might hurt them more than other Americans. Rightly or wrongly, Trump supporters genuinely believe that China is responsible for their economic and financial woes.


Indeed, given his personal relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping and concessions (i.e. allowing ZTE to operate), Trump might not have followed through with his trade war threat without Congressional and popular support.

事实上,鉴于特朗普与中国国家主席**的个人关系以及他的让步( 即允许中兴运作 ),如果没有国会和民众的支持,特朗普可能不会兑现他的贸易战威胁。

However, blaming a trade war with China would not solve America’s problems. In any case, the approach in “dealing” with China is on the “wrong side of history”.


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