Who will win a war between China and Israel? Why?



Eliezer Navarsky
The basic premise is ridicules... Both countries aregeographically separate to an extend that surpasses (by far) their ability toproject power... Compared to China Israel is minute... Both in terms of landarea and population...
Israel represents less territory and population then thesmallest Chinese province... China has tens of cities that are larger inpopulation then the whole of Israel...
There's simply no way for these two to get into a war...And, if it ever got there, Israel would put up a good fight but it would behopeless fro the start...


Raphael Segal
Before you get any further, let me provide this bit ofcontext. Israel is the size of New Jersey. China is the world's third largestcountry with almost a sixth of the world's population. You're asking for amilitary comparison between those two.
With that in mind...
It's sort of a tricky question to answer, in part because ofthe general lack of conventional wars recently. Israel has permanent,asymmetric warfare being waged against them, with occasional operations toremove Hamas's missile platforms. China has spent a while shaking theirmilitary penis at the US and at their neighbors.
First, some facts:
Israel inarguably has the strongest military for their sizein the world. No other country even roughly their size shows up on the who's who of military powersexcept England, and they're scaling back their military to cut costs.
Israel's spent the last few decades fighting asymmetricwarfare.
Israel is made of reservists; an overwhelming majority ofthe populace could be called on with days' notice.
Israel has Iron Dome, the only effective missile defense ofits kind.
China has more money and manpower to throw at the problem.
But there are a still lot of unanswered (and unanswerable)questions:
Whose planes are better? Whose tanks are better? Whosemissiles are better?
Is Israel's technological advantage large enough to overcometheir lack of manpower?
What's the battleground? Israel has considerably moreexpertise fighting in deserts than almost every other major power, for example.
How is the fight being carried out? Is it an infantrybattle? A tank blitz? Dogfighting? Urban warfare? A missile exchange?
How are they getting there? Does one side have to haul assbefore the fight even starts?
Who's pitching in, if anyone? Does Israel also have to fendoff their neighbors? Is the US pitching in for them?
What's the objective? Are they going to start annihilatingeach others' populace, or is this purely a professional thing?
Imagine if they all got magically transported somewhere.Israel would probably win tank and aircraft jousts close to 10 times in 10. But,Israel's so wildly outnumbered that such information is surprisingly hard toweight.
So my answer would be that unless you artificially constrainthe question, there isn't an answer.
Besides, those two countries are very far apart. If Chinawanted Israel dead, they'd sell Hezbollah a nuke, instead of something with areturn-to-sender address like a missile or a plane.






Suiris Deepak
Depends on whose side Chinese people are on.
China has the largest economy in the world by PPP, thirdlargest land mass, largest population, a nation that have 800 million militaryaged males - which is roughly 100x Israel’s entire population including women and children, secondlargest military budget in the world for last 15 years or so. Unless Israel hasan army of Zohans, it would be impossible for Israel to defeat China if they’re really serious.

Suiris Deepak

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