reddit: 中国的洗衣机会洗坏衣服?

jj2019 於 2 天前 發表
So most of my shirts have been ruined by the washing machines here. The colors are faded and they look like raggedy old shit now. I’ve only had them for about a year and wash them 1-2 times a week. It seems the washing machines here damage your clothes a lot faster than in the West.
Anyone else notice? Is it the water or shitty laundry detergent or what?





–]Titanruss 18 指標 1 天前
yeah the machines screw up your clothes... somehow twisting them tighter than a rope.
but its also the water. the water and probably knock off chemical detergents will eat away at the fibers.


[–]hapigood 17 指標 2 天前
Dude.. you can't wash shirts and potatoes together


[–]quarterlifeadventure 7 指標 2 天前
I've experienced this as well. Idk about your machine but ours is freaking vicious even on gentle cycle so I chalk it up to the strength rather than the water or detergent. Those could definitely factor in too though.


[–]BlooDeck 7 指標 1 天前
Yeah. Top loaders are especially bad for this. My new apartment has a front loader and everything improved dramatically.
Also I can finally wash them in healthy hot water.


[–]rockyrainy 1 指標 1 天前
With top loaders is it the fins in the middle that does the most damage to your cloth.


[–]BillyBattsShinebox 25 指標 2 天前
Only basing this on my experiences but I swear that top-loader washing machines screw your clothes up more than machines with a door on the front.


[–]Primary_Working 27 指標 1 天前
The agitator in cheap top loaders (the spindle) tends to wrap your clothes up more and damages them. I remember how when I had a top loader in Guangzhou everything would be tangled up to the extent that you had to practically untie things. It really depends on the quality of the machine though. The machine I have at home never does this. Man I miss having a drier!


[–]FamousinChina 7 指標 1 天前
I miss the drier too


[–]Giant-Hobo-Orgy 5 指標 1 天前
I bought a drier on taobao for 1000 Rmb best purchase I ever made. It's a Haier. Dries a big load in 90 minutes



[–]Primary_Working 1 指標 1 天前
Holy crap wish I'd thought of that 10 months ago. How did you vent it to the outside?


[–]Giant-Hobo-Orgy 2 指標 1 天前
It has a long tube vent attached to the back of it and I just stick it out my balcony window. Drier is on my balcony.


[–]bigwangbowskiUnited States 2 指標 1 天前
I know driers are awful as far as energy use but god damn I hate it when my clothes take hours to dry on the rack. It's also been hella humid around here and my clothes have a kind of "sour" smell after drying.


[–]ting_bu_dongUnited States 1 指標 1
My wife never understood why we love dryers until she got to use one.
Also our washer in China also beat the life out of our clothes.
Which was annoying since decent clothes cost so much there.


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