reddit: 中国的空气污染程度下降30%


【In Beijing the modern city beyond the Imperial City’s north gate is visible under a clear sky during the period assessed 2013-16.】

Beijing is slowly shedding its image as the world’s most polluted city. In 2013 it ranked as the 40th worst city for the particulate PM2.5 in the World Health Organisation global database. Four years on thanks in part to a crackdown on polluters it stands in 187th place.


Air pollution in the 62 Chinese cities tracked by the WHO dropped by an average of 30% between 2013 and 2016. China’s air pollution problems are often blamed on the country’s rapid industrial growth but the problems probably date back to the 1950s.


In air pollution terms China is two countries divided by a line that follows the Huai river. North of this line average winter temperatures are below freezing and here free or heavily subsidised coal was provided for home heating. This led to the development of poorly controlled coal-powered district heating systems in towns and cities north of the river.


The laudable aim of providing home heating was disastrous for China’s air. Average particle pollution north of the Huai river was 40% greater than the south and this extra pollution caused an estimated three-year reduction in average life expectancy.


Understandably a small but growing group of Chinese urbanites have been moving south for cleaner air.





quokkaZ 4d ago +16
China should be congratulated for such rapid improvement. It also should be congratulated for moving towards the best solution to replace coal in district heating:
CGN to construct China’s first nuclear-powered heating project


It's far better than burning stuff - coal gas or trees - and the only realistic genuinely low GHG emission solution for district heating.


azoicera 4d ago
Meanwhile in a democracy facing the very same problem things remain unchanged if not worse: India now has 9 of 10 most polluted cities in the world. Who doesn't like a government that delivers?

然而在一个面对同样问题的 (国家)里,如果情况没越来越糟,它便毫无作为任其维持现状:全球污染最严重的10个城市里有9个在印度。谁不会喜欢一个能够做出成果的政府?

westhaditsday 4d ago
Great news! Tributes to all scientists and policy makers to make this happen. Still a long way to go so keep up the good work!


SFromNl 4d ago
It's getting harder and harder to not see the world's paradigm shifting.


jhvance 4d ago
The coal-related air pollution near ground level in northern China is not generally caused by power generating facilities but by the many widely-distributed district heating systems built and operated by local authorities which are routinely cash-strapped. Those systems' coal-fired furnaces are old have relatively short exhaust stacks with absolutely no scrubbing installed and are not well-maintained to begin with; the local governments minimize annual operating cost by purchasing the cheapest (and thus lowest-quality) coal possible so the individual furnaces emit high volumes of pollutants especially particulates (the small pm2.5 variety).

煤炭燃烧造成的中国北方近地面空域大气污染,并非是由于燃烧发电造成的,而是由于广泛分布的燃煤供暖系统造成的。这些供暖系统都是由地方政府负责运营的,必然会缺乏资金。 这些供暖系统中的燃煤炉已经老旧,只有相对较低矮的排放系统,没有安装任何洗涤设备,而且缺乏足够的保养。地方政府为了削减年度运营成本,只会购买最便宜的(当然也是最劣质的)燃煤,所以单个燃煤炉就会排放大量的污染物,特别是颗粒污染物(多种PM2.5的小颗粒)

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