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In the West there is a persistent notion of the search for personal fulfillment- meaning finding and attaining your fundamental purpose in life. Attaining knowledge growing yourself becoming more generous and kind or becoming a more complete person. People can achieve this through different pathways- through a successful career or building a family or perhaps by building a rich personal intellectual life.


What’s the “end game” or similar end goal when it comes to personal fulfillment in mainlandChina or for Chinese people? Obviously it’s impossible to make blanket statements about an entire country- but is there a different mental frxwork here than the one that exists in the West?


In China is personal fulfillment merely just about the acquisition of material assets (有房有车有存款)? Or is it about creating a familial dynasty- honoring one’s parents and creating a family of your own? How do people define having a ‘purpose’ in China? Or is this notion of ‘personal fulfillment’ a quaint Western concept that is irrelevant in a developing country like China where people have to hustle to make ends meet?


I’m interested to hear answers beyond just “money” or status symbols because I feel there must be more to it than that.




–]Dorigoon 28 指標 6小時前
Wife house car son.


[–]takeitchillish 4 指標 5小時前
Pretty much this. And some money. The richer the better.


[–]LaoSh 1 指標 1小時前
Don't forget face. Got to pretend to be better than everyone else.


[–]WhereTheHotWaterAt 10 指標 6小時前
For the older people it's definitively house/car/son/successful family. When these people were young the context was different so it's understandable. Most people were super poor back then so a roof over their heads and food on the table are their priority.


For younger people depends. The generation that grew up in relatively developped cities didn't know abject poverty or hunger so they might have more abstract and personal goals like self-fullfillement meaningful life etc. But most of them is still pushed by their parents to follow the old model.


[–]takeitchillish 9 指標 5小時前
Young people are still slaves to achieve what society wants of them like a house a son a wife or husband and a car. Few Chinese are really independent thinkers.


[–]WhereTheHotWaterAt 3 指標 5小時前
I see more and more young people questioning the traditional idea of success and steer away from the soul-crushing 24/7 work life. Still a minority. Obviously it's gonna take 1 or 2 more generation to fully move away from it



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If you are in shaanxi it is white leather cowboy boots ridiculously-cut and died hair unbefitting your age a mismatched but very expensive shirt and vest and expensive skinny jeans that fit just under your huge guy.


[–]stealmyrecords 6 指標 6小時前
That sounds kind of awesome actually good for those guys


[–]enxiongenxiongUnited States 13 指標 5小時前
There is a tuhao and then there is a shaanxi tuhao.


[–]enxiongenxiongUnited States 4 指標 4小時前
Best place to spot them is in the xi’an airport


[–]zapee 4 指標 6小時前
Strong family and more money.


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